From My Sewing Table – May

Surrounding yourself with beauty, in many ways, is a choice.  Beautiful friendships, beautiful experiences, beautiful choices, and beautiful things.  The last, ideally, should not be determined by price tag, but by it’s personal value and importance.

I can hear a past teacher of mine quickly point out that things can not make you happy….and on the whole I would agree with her.  Yet I would like to add that making a conscious decision to bring more beauty into your life will do more to boost your overall mood than simply filling your house with things.  The carefully chosen ornament, a special gift from a friend, or a throw in your favorite color all add their own beauty to your world.

This is a sentiment repeatedly echoed by authors and homemakers dating as far back as the 1700’s.  Think of it like this: “If you bring beauty in, you are more likely to send beauty out.”

The more I understand the sole power I have to personal happiness, the more I value gracing the parts of my life with uplifting beautiful things.  Spilling over into my creative world, I have practically given myself away to silk, sheer fabrics, frilly ribbons, and accessories that, whether through the cut or the material, can instantly boost one’s beauty quota.

With the weather continuing to improve, and my overall mood with it, I have decided, and rightfully so, to dedicate this month of May to beauty in all it’s form.

While beauty may be in the eye of the beholder, beauty is also a lifestyle and a choice.  For me, I will always choose beauty.

~ Aimee

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