Easter Eggs and an Easter Cake!


I haven’t made Easter eggs in years.

You see, before my cat passed away, she viewed each and every egg as her personal toy.  All of this was discovered during her first Easter with us.  As usual, a week before Easter, I boiled a dozen eggs, dyed and decorated them to my heart’s content, and then placed them in a basket on the kitchen table.  A few hours later, as I walked past the table, I notice one egg had rolled out of the basket and onto the floor.  As it was cracked, I threw it away slightly puzzled as to what exactly happened.  For the next three days I discovered one little runaway egg that had somehow made it out of the basket and landed somewhere on the floor.  I was becoming annoyed and began to suspect the furry feline in the house.

Well, day four rolled around and I caught her right in the act.  Paws deep in the basket struggling to get one rather large lime-green egg out.  I scooted her away and placed them on a higher location -so naive -like she would be content to just stare at them after four days of fun!  Well wouldn’t you know it, I caught her atop a shelf on day five digging at an egg with everything she had.   And that was the last year I made Easter eggs.  The only thing I couldn’t figure out was why only one a day?  That cat was more psychological than I thought…..

Anyway!!!!  As it is Easter, and as it comes early this year, I thought I would share a few of my most favorite and unique Easter egg ideas!  So let’s get started:

Floral Decorated Easter Eggs


Image from Enchanted Home

Moss Covered Eggs


Image from DIY Joy

Newspaper Eggs


Image from Home Dzine

Paper Napkin Decorated Eggs


Image from Le Recata de la Felicidad

And Easter wouldn’t be complete with out a cake.  Check out the link below to see the modern recreation of this vintage cake!


Image and Recipe found at The Sugary Shrink

I hope you have a wonderful, egg-dropping free, decorating bonanza!


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