Rearranging the Living Room

living room

I often wish I had a larger living room.  Not that there is anything specifically wrong or frustrating about my living room, but as it is rather small.  Due to it’s size, the room doesn’t easily lend itself to much rearranging…something I love to do.  It never use to bother me that much, until I purchased a 1950’s decorating book at a flea market and realized the value and appeal of a larger living area.  Not because I want to shove in more expensive furniture, or to host large dinner parties, but because of a long forgotten aspect of a vintage living room…the game table.

When I came across this addition, highly recommended in any proper living room, I instantly fell in love.  To create a space in the common living area where a person can write, catch up with the local newspapers, and more importantly, play games without sitting on the floor, is such an appealing aspect to family living.  This little area isn’t meant to replace an office, but to be a spot for mutual fun and work to be done as a family.  Maybe in my next house I will have enough space! 🙂

But enough about that.  What about the basics?  Like figuring out the flow of traffic or the proper location for the T.V. or bookshelves?  Well, below are many examples of floor layouts for a variety of shaped rooms!

Please note that the descriptions and the arrows point to the opposite page.  Use the color guide and the page numbers to recognize which page follows which.

Living Room 1

Living Room 2

Living Room 3

Living Room 4

Once the traffic pattern has been detected and arranged accordingly, now decide where to put that television!

Living Room 5

Living Room 6

What I find so fascinating about this section is the lack of importance that is placed on the television. Of course, one wants to ensure that it can be seen by all, but the T.V. must fit into the scheme of the living room, not the other way around.  A different time I suppose! 🙂

Happy arranging!