Historical Housekeeping: Creating a Country/Vintage Inspired Kitchen

Fresh and clean describe the condition of my ideal kitchen – maybe with a slight lemon scent in the air.  Colorful, cheery, and old-fashioned describe the feel of my ideal kitchen.  While organizing and purging my kitchen cabinets a few weeks ago, I was delighted to find several pieces that I had purchased over the years.  One of my newly discovered favorites was a cream colored, milk pitcher.  It now holds a continuous bouquet of fresh wildflowers on my counter.

Although we may all have modern kitchens, that doesn’t mean we can’t find ways to keep that old, vintage, farmhouse look alive.  While my dream kitchen features a 1920’s range, my real kitchen features a Whirlpool gas oven.  Not quite the same thing – but it helps to have an old tin canister resting on top holding my cooking utensils!

Since I live my life on a budget (like so many of us) I find that well purchased decorations can make a large impact on the overall feel and mood of a room.  Here are a few of my favorite ways to decorate one’s kitchen:

april kitchen decorations

That wooden Breakfast sign I purchased for $30 at a local antique store…best spent $30 ever! 🙂

While decorations add to the look of a room, fabric adds to it’s comfort and warmth.  From tea towels, curtains, placemats, or table cloths, the tone and texture of fabric shows not only one’s personality, but that warm country feeling.

Here are a few unique types of fabric you could include in your kitchen.  Adjust the color, pattern, and weight to suit your own style!

april kitchen fabrics


Remember, creativity, not money, should be our guide as we find ways to bring the past into out modern lives…one tin canister at a time!

~ Aimee

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