How to Make a Hair Rat: The Modern Way!

I was asked a few weeks ago how to create this hairstyle with shoulder length hair: Post on how to create this look HERE



Now women in the 19th century would use hair rats, which are little rolls of their hair that either fell out or was brushed out.  Of course going that route is still an option, but I did a little research and found a great way to create a hair rat for your 19th century hairstyles the 21st century way!  All you need is a sock bun and a pair of scissors!

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Braided Hairstyle with Hair Combs

My hair is finally long enough to have a braid wrap around my head!!!  Forgive me if this seems rather dramatic…but it took long enough to grow and I finally made it!

To celebrate here is a simple hairstyle that features a loose bun with a thin braid that wrap around the head over a center part.  I also added a set of flowered hair combs I made for fun the other day.






To purchase hair combs, you can visit my store by clicking this link:

1860’s Twist with Bun

Alright…well after four hairstyles (some more successful than others) I have opted to go with the following:


It is basically a center part with the sides rolled and pinned until you reach the back of the head. The remaining hair is then twisted into a bun.

And why did I pick this hairstyle? Because all the other ones had the front hair flat against my face and I looked…well…odd. I like to have my hair full and the twists from this hairstyle allow a bit more volume around the face which I feel help me feel more comfortable.
Sooo there we go…I finally have a hairstyle! I do hope that these styles have been helpful!