1860’s Blue Floral Day Dress

Last week I decided to make a new curtain for one of the doorways that is in my sewing studio. I went to the fabric store and found this beautiful white fabric with blue roses scattered all over it! I loved it and made the curtain. Well, I had about a yard and a half left over and realized how beautiful this fabric would look as a dress. I proceeded to quickly make up a bodice of the leftover fabric and was very pleased with how it turned out…so pleased, in fact, that I ran back to the fabric store and picked up another six yards to complete the dress.

For this gown I am using the Peachtree Mercantile Pattern #206. I love this company and this pattern because the pattern pieces are sturdy, clearly marked, and color coded. In addition, the pattern comes with a beautifully spiraled booklet with instructions and backnotes.

I followed the pattern exactly (which is rare…I usually tweak something) and have completed the bodice. I have made this pattern many times before and am always pleased with how it turns out.
For the following pictures I just draped fabric down the front so one could see how it would look with the skirt.
Don’t you just love the horseshoe cuffs?

Oh and the few items I ordered for my reenactment came in the other day!

I purchased all these items at Abraham’s Lady. I have shopped there before (not only online but also in her brick and mortar shop) and am always pleased.
I am still waiting for my new shoes…which I am rather excited about…they are cream!!!
Alright, well have a wonderful Sunday!

1860’s Corset Cover

I realized that after I tried on my white bodice, one could see my corset. How scandalous! So I decided to create a corset cover. I didn’t feel like paying money for a pattern and I was confident I could create one on my own. I did some research and found several pictures for inspiration.

corsetcover1 (1)


All three covers have darts in the front for a tight fight, a scooped neckline, and trim. With these images in mind, I went through my collection of patterns and decided to use Period Impression Pattern 450. This pattern in for a Day Dress, however the bodice pieces are wonderful for a variety of purposes. All I did was add three inches in length to the pattern. I assembled the back, side, and front pieces (made out of white muslin) and then fitted it on my dressform over my chemise and corset. This part is important so you can get a really tight and accurate fit. I pinned the darts and then sewed them.

Once I had the correct fit, I then cut out a scooped neckline and hemmed it. I know that the above covers have a very wide neckline, but I do not like the feeling of straps or clothing items falling down my shoulders, so I made sure to leave a pretty wide shoulder strap. I also decided not to do sleeves since my chemise already has sleeves and I didn’t want so much material around my arm. I added five buttons down the front, hemmed the bottom and armholes. And for a little girly finish I attached a lace trim around the armholes. Overall, I am very pleased with how it turned out!

Next up on my sewing list: Drawers!! Stay tuned!