It’s a Block Party! A pattern block party that is…

After finishing all the measurements based off of my 1930’s Pattern Cutting book, I began the surprisingly fun process of building the base pattern pieces.  Now, I have never considered myself a very mathematical person, but I found it strangely satisfying to measure, and divide, and alter the measurements, and before you knew it, three hours went by!  The process outlined in the book was very detailed and very fool proof.  The author recommended tracing all the pieces on paper…and the only paper that I had wide enough was leftover Christmas wrapping paper!  I highly recommend this process as you don’t feel bad if you make a mistake, and it is very easy to erase and redraw!  The two main bodice pieces are created within a giant square with which you then create the pieces.  Now perhaps many of you are thinking…well duh Aimee, this is how you draw a pattern!  And you would be correct….except in my self taught way, I just normally slap it on the paper and eyeball the shape.  It has worked for me so far…but I could be converted! 🙂

P.S. Sorry if the drawing lines are a little hard to see….

Here is a visual look at the process!

The Main Bodice Pieces




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