My Top Ten Vacation-Themed Musicals

Since I was a young child, I have absolutely loved musicals from “Old Hollywood.”  You know, the ones where only mild drama ensues, the boy always gets the girl, and the background characters always seem to “know” all the words and the choreography.  I started watching them with my grandfather and would always make him laugh when I showed him how I could recite the entire opening scene of The Music Man…at eight years old.

I have continued to enjoy these films and have found new delightful additions to my musical library.  In fact, whenever my mom comes to visit me, we pull out our favorites and get “taken away” to another time and place.

And since this month is all about “Going on Vacation” whether you stay at home or hit the road, I have decided to share with you my top ten favorite “vacation-themed” movies.

1. The Long, Long Trailer – 1953                         Starring Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz


America’s sweethearts play the adorable newlywed couple, Nicky and Tacy, who decide to save money by buying a trailer as they head out to Colorado.  This film is full of slapstick comedy, silly stunts, and a fun song or two. The clothes, decoration, and scenery make this trip a must-see!




2. Luxury Liner – 1948                Starring George Brent, Jane Powell, and Lauritz Melchior


A young girl, played by Jane Powell, is anxious to become a famous singer, so she stows away on a star-studded ocean liner….of which her father is the captain.  Wonderful cameos of Xavier Cougart and the Pied Pipers add to this colorful ocean musical!


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3. Two Weeks with Love – 1950                    Starring Jane Powell, Ricardo Montalban


Another of my favorites, this sweet coming-of-age story, stars Jane Powell (she is in many of my favorites) as a teenager joining her family for their yearly trip to the Catskills.  Set at the turn of the century, this movie is made even better by a young Debbie Reynolds who adds her usual spunk and energy!  With the caption “it’s my first big love affair” and the promise of amazing singing, this movie is timeless!



4. Roman Holiday – 1953                  Starring Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck


Need I say more?  This film is truly a classic.  Even though it may not be a musical, it’s artistic story of a bored princess who finds herself through the help of a news reporter, is as magical as the title..and it’s location!



5.  A Royal Wedding – 1951                                  Starring Jane Powell and Fred Astaire


Another Jane Powell classic made even better with the addition of Fred Astaire and the debonair Peter Lawford.  A dancing brother and sister team (Powell and Astaire) travel to England just in time for Queen Elizabeth II wedding.  Each find love in unusual places with the help of their singing and dancing!  Another interesting feature of this film is Winston Churchill’s daughter Sarah, who adds her own charm!



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