A 1940’s Hair Piece

This little accessory can be created for under $5 and takes only about 10 minutes!  

I highly recommend creating one of these hair pieces if you can’t find/afford a hat that goes with your ensemble but can’t bear the thought of a bare head.  I created mine with a fall theme, but you can design one for any season.  Try holly for Christmas, daffodils for Easter, or magnolias for the summer…the possibilities are truly endless.


  • 1/2 yard tulle
  • silk flowers
  • a hair comb
  • wire or needle and thread
  • wire snips


Because the two flowers I wanted to use were attached to a floral pick, I began by removing them.  They had enough wire attached to their stems, that I did not need any additional wire…but feel free to use some if you just have flower heads.


Next, cut out a piece of tulle that measures 24″ x 21″ the wider part being the width of the veil and will be gathered to the comb.  Fold in half.  I used weights to keep the tulle from shifting.


Round off the bottom of the tulle to desired length and shape.  My finished veil measured 22″ wide by 18″ long.

DSC_0058Run a gathering stitch along the widest part of the tulle.  Gather to fit the hair comb.  Tie off if needed.


Sew to the hair comb.  Be careful how you attach this part.  I wanted the hair comb to go straight back into my hair (think tiara) and have the veil lay over my face.  Because of this, I was careful to sew the tulle so no messy edge would be visible from the front.


Now attach your flowers.  Again, the veil should go over your flowers as well, so make sure that you attach them on the wrong side of the tulle.   If you look at the above picture, the flowers will be attached on top of the tulle, and the tulle will fall over it.  Wire or sew to the hair comb.


**Underneath of the comb


**The above picture shows the hair piece with the comb part facing the camera.


And thats it!  Very easy, affordable, and adjustable to outfit, season, and personal taste.

Here are a few examples of flower hair pieces.  Imagine these with tulle in a variety of hues and textures!



Happy Designing!