Clothes and Beauty Advice for the College Bound Girl

I can still remember with clarity the first year I went off to college.  I had nightmares weeks before that included being left behind as my family took everything but me,  that I was late to the first days of class, and that I would be forced to sit and eat alone, publicly snubbed for some unknown fault.

When the day finally did arrive I packed everything I owned…literally…everything.  It was a little ridiculous.  But, nonetheless, I set off with my family to begin an wonderful part of my life that taught me independence, self-reliance, and that I really could get by with surprisingly little.

While schools today are very clear, as are department stores, what a college student needs to bring with them to survive, they aren’t so clear about the clothing lists.  Perhaps if I had a guide such as this from a 1925 book, I wouldn’t have brought 7 large trash bags full of clothes!  I guess I didn’t use suitcases back then… 😉

Clothes for the 1920's College Girl

Here is a pamphlet showing the perfect blouse to send off with the college-bound girl!



With a lists such as these, girls would be more than prepared for the challenges of secondary education…and to have more fun!


Despite the apparent chill in the air, these girls still look to be enjoying themselves…and in such stylish clothes…check out the fur coat in the center!


A candy apple is the perfect snack to munch on in between classes! 🙂

Don’t forget the perfect beauty advice!  Good Housekeeping offers this take on beauty and gifts parents can bestow upon their collegiate:

1940's College Girl Beauty Advice 1

1940's College Girl Beauty Advice 2

I hope you enjoyed this little trip down memory lane…I know I did!

Happy Friday everyone!


Sources: Harmony in Dress by Mary Brooks Picken, 1925

               Good Housekeeping, August 1941

Clothes and Beauty Advice for the College Bound Girl