1860’s Twisted Hairstyle

I am going to a reenactment in August and decided to begin playing around with some different hairstyles to see which one or ones I wanted to use!
Here is a hairstyle that has two side twists and two large twists at the base of the neck. One can use a comb or not..doesn’t matter.

For this look you will need: bobby pins, rubberbands, clips, and a comb. This look can be done with either straight or curly hair.

First start out with the smoothest hair you can…whether it is curly or straight.

Then, part hair in the middle and divide hair into three sections. Two side pieces and one piece in the back. Clip or rubber band to keep separate.

Roll the two side pieces into twists along the side of the head. This is where you can make the twists as tight or as loose as you would like. Pin at the back. I know it looks a bit lopsided but it will get fixed when you begin to fix the middle portion.

Then remove the rubber band and blend that middle hair with the side pieces. Split it into two pieces. Take one piece and twist into a bun on one side of the head. Try to cover the pins from the twists. Pin as necessary. This might take a few tries.

Repeat with other side and check to make sure that the hairstyle is secure and that there are few flyaway hairs. You can add a decorative comb, flowers, or leave it plain.

And that’s it! A simple yet elegant look for your next reenactment!

Have a great weekend everyone!