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Creating a 1750’s Gown…For Me! Part One

There comes a time when all business sewing needs to take a pause, and personal sewing needs to take over. You see, I don’t often sew for myself. I think the last time I created a gown just for me was at least a year ago.  Most of the time, whenever I sew it is either for a client or to sell on my shop.  But with a little more free time on my hands (thanks to longer naps by my little one), I wanted to try something new and different. …something for me! 🙂 After thinking about what I wished to create, I decided on an outfit to wear at next year’s French and Indian War Reenactment…in July.  The tricky part about making a gown to wear in the summer while it is still winter is the fear that I am going to sweat like crazy!  More about that later! So, as always, whenever I begin a brand new decade or project apart from the norm, I begin with an inspiration board.  This is …

HSM #3 – Stash Busting: 1780’s Round Gown

I am actually shocked that this gown was completed this month.  There were many days when I thought I should just stop trying and quickly find something easier to make for this challenge.  But I persevered and finished it Tuesday night! For this challenge I used some beautiful light blue fabric that had been left over from a custom order that didn’t go through, so I thought this would be a great use of the material.  Following the creation of the pattern and the extra difficulty of only being able to “shop” in my sewing room, the gown slowly but surely began to take shape. All one piece, this gown features a false front skirt that ties about the waist and underneath the back portion of the skirt.  I struggled with the inner lacing as I was reduced to taking old ribbon and the small amount of boning I had to create the lacing panels.  I am not happy with them…at all.  But again, be creative was the theme!  The collar looked great before I …

What Is Currently On My Inspiration Board: 1780’s Round Gowns

I have developed quite a love for this style of gown and am contemplating giving it a try.  I have made several gowns around this era but not in this exact style!  I love the fit of the bodice and the way the fabric hangs down in a very firm yet graceful line.  Hmmmmm…..   This next one is my favorite:   In the meantime, I have been working on going through my fabric stash with the intention of cleaning it out and getting a feel for what I have.  In addition, I have almost completed the 1880’s hat tutorial and hair style.  Once I finished the photo shoots for both, I will get them up soon!  -Aimee

1770 Polonaise Gown

Well, I am on my way to completing my first personal sewing challenge, so here are the finished pictures, along with several construction pictures, of the gown.  I am not happy with the final pictures..the tones is very off, so I may retake them and repost at another time.  But I still wanted to share what I have completed so far! Here are the two fabrics I choose: one for the petticoat and one for the over dress.   I created a shorter petticoat and placed it over panniers.  I also added extra padding on the bum area.  

2015 Sewing Challenge

I’m going to try something this year that I have seen many others do, but have never done myself!  A yearly sewing challenge!  Normally I just sew project by project choosing each one at a time, however I have really felt a desire to try some new fashion styles.  Following one of the longest creativity droughts I have had in a years, I want to keep my sewing fresh and challenging.  I have created a special Pinterest board specifically for any inspirational pictures I will use for each project, so feel free to check it out!  Here is the link. I have chosen 12 items with the goal of doing at least one per month.  With some being less complicated than others, I am hoping that this will be a challenge I can complete along with perhaps a few extra surprises along the way!  I have listed the following in chronological order along with one inspiration picture for each! 2015 Sewing Challenge List 1. 1560’s Gown  

The Caraco Continues….

So amidst all the fun craziness of finishing all the last touches for Christmas, I was able to cut out and begin constructing the caraco jacket for my 1700’s gown.  I completed the lining and pinned the front darts, but need to figure out how to take in the extra fabric that has bubbled in the back.  I can’t help but think that the length of the jacket makes the whole outfit seem stubby?  I am not sure if it is just me, but I may pin it up just to see how it would look with a shorter length.  It has been great being back in my sewing studio and I am excited to try new things….especially since I think I will be getting some new historical fashion books for Christmas.  Fingers crossed! Here are a few pictures of the gown so far!

The Caraco Jacket

Slowly moving forward on the 1700’s caraco jacket.  I completed the skirt and cut out the front pieces in muslin.  I am not sure what I am going to line the jacket with….I think I have enough of the main fabric to do a self-lining, but we shall see.  I am so far quite please with the overall look.  This week I will finish cutting out the back part along with the sleeves.  The pleating of the jacket seems to not make sense…so I will have to play around with it until it does!  Here are a few pictures. I hope you all are enjoying the holiday season and are taking time to enjoy the little things amidst all the fun craziness that Christmas (or what ever holiday you are celebrating) can bring!  I am going to an ugly sweater Christmas party tonight…and let me tell you that I have a found the perfect sweater for this party! 🙂  Can’t wait! Have a great week everyone!