Completing the look… glove at a time


I know this should probably be a post about Halloween.  I mean, today is Halloween.  However, I have a more pressing matter at hand.  A lost glove.

It has been so chilly  and crisp in the mornings.  Chilly enough for me to remember to wear a coat…but not to grab my gloves.  Having had cold fingers a little too often this week, I was determined not to forget them again.  After an hour searching and pulling out just about the entire coat closet,  I only found my super heavy pair of mittens.  I knew I had a lighter weight pair that would be perfect for the current weather but had no idea where they ended up.  So I took a deep breath and tried again.  This time I turned up one glove, but not it’s buddy.  Sigh… I really liked that pair.  So, I will try one more time to find the lost glove, and if no luck, than I will have to pick up another pair.

Now, on the few occasions when I do pick up gloves or any winter accessories, I really try to make sure everything matches.  Once the really cold weather hits, it doesn’t matter what one wears underneath…all you see is the outerwear, especially when you are running errands.  So I want to make sure my winter gear looks polished and put together.

Take a look at these pattern collections from the 1930’s.  I mean, this is what coordinated and polished looks like!



47aaeef515ece7179cceea2e4f3b17b0Finding these many pieces today that all blend and go together is nearly impossible…at least at the same store.  However, I did find these stunning gloves that come in both oxblood and black.  I feel like the addition of the three little buttons really takes these gloves to the next level!  A perfect replacement to my potentially lost gloves.


Gloves from Lord and Taylor

Of course, what about something for a more casual winter look?  I don’t really have anything, and, well, just take a look at this crocheted collar!  It looks so warm and cozy, yet adds such personality to any outfit.  I could even wear it without a coat and just a nice long sleeved tee underneath.  Hmmmmmm…. 😉


Crochet Collar from Victorian Trading Co

Well, I’m off to give it one last go at finding my missing glove…and if it can’t be found…oh well! 😉


Oh and since it is Halloween….here a post from last Halloween with links to other fabulous articles on the art of the Fancy Dress!

September Favorites


Last night was the first time in months where I woke up freezing.  In fact, around 3am I stumbled to the living room to grab another throw blanket to keep me warm until it was time to roll out of bed.  Even at 7am the chill was enough to send my searching for slippers.  In January, I would never let the house get so cold, but in September….I’m savoring every chilly bit of it!

Today’s post is all about favorites.  Some new, some old, but all 100% drool worthy!  To start with, I am in love with this magazine cover from Good Housekeeping.  I have several print outs of from this publication that hang up in my sewing studio…and I may just have to add this one to the mix!


A few weeks ago, my husband and I went on a little vacation and found a place with an amazing collection of fiestaware!  With these cheery dishes still on my mind, I came across this vintage ad where you can get a table setting for 8 for a very reasonable price!  I wish they still sold dishes this way!


This next favorite is a two for one.  I adore not only the finished garment, but I love seeing the pattern pieces used to construction this 1950’s gem!  Although, walking really wouldn’t be an option in that dress….


This fun teapot from Wayfair would make any chilly evening a little warmer!  Click HERE to purchase.


And who wouldn’t love to wear an amazing apron like this 1870’s one while working in the kitchen! 😉


So as I pull my fleece up a little tighter, I plan on making the most of this chilly day…and I hope you will join me!
Happy Monday!


Seaside Bungalows and Forest Retreats


I think everyone can agree that if you are looking for a place to relax, heading to the mountains or the ocean is a good idea.  I know those two locations tend to be my go to! 🙂  Many others who, perhaps, can’t escape the city life all that often, try to create a mini retreat right in their own home.  This is a wonderful idea for anyone looking for a calming and “vacation-y” space to come home to each night.

Of course, heading away to a beautiful spot is not an unusual or brand new idea.  People for decades have been craving space to relax in, and many are fortunate enough to own a little piece of land right along the shore line or tree line.  This trend really began to build around the end of the 19th century with the rising middle class, and books were written specifically to help these new summer vacationers build their homes just right.

Henry Saylor wrote Bungalows: Their Design, Construction, and Furnishing: With Suggestions for Camps, Summer Homes, and Cottages of Similar Character, in 1911 specifically for this growing population.  And even though that is one long title, I do find the subject and text fascinating.  Here are few pages from the book highlighting seaside and forest bungalows:



Read that middle paragraph again between the two pictures.

What a beautiful thought that the colors of the house should “secure that intimate relationship between a home and its surroundings that conveys an impression of peace and stability rather than eternal strife and unfitness.”  Let us all hope that our homes (inside and out) convey peace and stability to others and those that dwell in them.



I love how the author describes the need for the construction of the seaside home to be built to catch the ocean breezes….ahhhhh….what a thought!  Of course, it wouldn’t be a post about homes without a few house plans…here are a few of my favorites that I could see in the mountains or along the coast line.



So even if you don’t have a little place somewhere, make your little place now, that little somewhere!…..if that makes sense! 😉

Happy Monday everyone!


Finding the Perfect Fall Sweater


Gearing up for the cooler months of fall requires a wide variety of layers.  These are the days when you leave the house with a cardigan on and come home wearing just the blouse underneath.  Because of this, it is one of my favorite times of the year, and one of my favorite fashion looks of the year as well!  The upcoming long Labor Day weekend is the perfect time to begin switching out the summer wardrobe for the fall one.  To begin this eventual transition, I have found five wonderful “end of summer-into fall” sweaters to inspire the switch!

I hope you enjoy!

I adore this purple/teal plaid wrap from Modcloth.  Perfect to wear out or around the house!


Plaid Sweater from ModCloth

Not only is this a stunning color, but very appropriate for work or meeting friends for lunch.


Cable Knit Cardigan from Talbots

I absolutely adore this wrap!  I would pair it with a long sleeve black shirt, skinny jeans, and my knee high boots!  Or for a different look, a long black pencil skirt…. 🙂


Wrap by Vera Wang from Kohls

This is the perfect at home sweater.  Warm, chunky, and perfect for watching old movies on the couch with a hot mug of apple cider!


Chunky Kimono Sweater from Loft

I love the fact that this sweater from Victorian Trading Co. features a light cable knit and elegant blouse front.  Simply stunning!


Hepburn Cardigan from Victorian Trading Co.

I hope you have wonderful luck searching out the perfect transitional pieces!  🙂


“Lunching by the Roadside” by Amy W. Osgood, 1923


“Food for the inner man is just as important on a motor journey as agreeable traveling companions.  And stopping at a hotel for meals often consumes more time than one feels can be deducted from the journey.  Then it is that the roadside meal proves its worth.  It does not take long; it is satisfying, easy to eat, and attractive.

Of course bacon cooked in the open air, coffee made while you wait, and corn roasted on the ear in the embers of a bonfire are alluring, but they are time consuming, and it you wish to appear neat at the end of the journey, are not always recommended.  But there are roadside meals which are easy to prepare and easier to serve than a meal at home, for they are what one might call “one-plate roadside meals” as the following menu will suggest: roast chicken, potato ships, jelly sandwiches, egg sandwiches, fruit or a combination salad, pickles, olives, cake or cookies, fruit, cheese and coffee.  The coffee comes from the thermos bottle who’s twin carries ice water.  A quart-size, paraffin-treated, covered container, such as oysters are sold in, is used for the cream bottle, chopped ice surrounding the bottle.  A covered jar is used for the loaf sugar.  For each person, a paper fork, spoon, heavy paraffin drinking cup, and two paper napkins are provided.


1920’s Picnic/Camping sets

Before leaving home, each individual’s roadside meal is prepared on a plate, as follows: In half-pint paraffin cartons, having covers, arrange individual fruit salads, lining the cartons first with lettuce, filling with fruit salad, and placing a crisp leaf of lettuce on top before adjusting the cover.  Place one of these filled cartons in the center of the each large sized paper plate.  Cut the roast chicken, which has been previously cooked in order to be cold, into convenient pieces for eating and divide into the desired number of portions.  Wrap each portion in paraffin paper, and place one on each plate.  Wrap individual serving of potato chips in paraffin paper, and also arrange on each plate.  Wrap three or four olives and sweet or sour pickles in individual packages for each plate.  Wrap the sandwiches in paraffin paper and arrange on each plate.

When all the food has been placed on the plates, lay each plate in the center of a large paper napkin, and place another paper napkin over the top of it, twisting the opposite corners and thus entirely enclosing the plate.  Then pack these in a large basket, one plate on top of another, the salad container acting as a base for each plate place above it.  Wrap cookies and cake in individual parcels and serve when desired.  At meal time, drive the car under a tree, or up a side road, and it can instantly be converted into a dining room.  Trays, carried in a denim bag and packed under the basket, are passed, and the plates are served on them.  In this way, everyone is enjoying his luncheon in a very few minutes.”

By Amy W. Osgood, Good Housekeeping. Volume 77, Number 2. August, 1923



A Summer Vintage Tea Party


I am on the final countdown until all the construction on my house is finished!

  ***cue fireworks, excited squeals, and sighs of relief**

And I have decided that once it is all done and my house looks better than ever, I want to have my friends over for a little get together.  And while I am sure it will only be the first of many parties, I really want the first one to be extra special and true to who I am.

So what is more me than a vintage tea party!?  And half the fun of the party is all the planning that goes into it…. along with the hours of finding and perfecting the perfect recipes.  Yum!

Here are a few samples of ideas I have and plan to use!

I love the idea of using vintage dishes to hold all of the accessories for the party.  This example from Martha Stewart reminds me of a 1930’s table setting.


I don’t personally own a vintage cake pedestal, but here are two wonderful ways to create some of my own!


The Whoot



And of course, the most important thing for any party (apart from the tea) are the finger foods offered in delicate shapes.  Tea Time (link below the picture) has many delicious options to choose from!


Tea Time

I still haven’t decided on the tea…any ideas or recommendations?  I am more of a coffee drinker, so if any of you tea connoisseurs out there could lead me down the right path, I would be most grateful!

Now with all these ideas, what better way to wait out the last few weeks of building and landscaping  than with some fun tea party crafts and recipes testing! 🙂


Visiting Your Local Farmers Market

farmers market

There is a feeling of “coming home” emerging in many parts of the country.  What do I mean by that?  I mean that there is this overwhelming urge to go back to the simpler things in life, appreciate good, hard work, and try to make our environment a little bit healthier and happier.  I like to call this “coming home.”  I have noticed it expand where I live, as people begin shopping in more local stores, embracing small backyard subsistence farming, and doing their best to get everyone they know involved.


An early 1900’s Farmers Market

And one place where you will find a large population of such like-minded people is at the Farmers Market.  It is a joyous gathering of local crafters, farmers, florists, bakers, butchers, and other such folks who bring their preciously created wares to share with others.  Of course the idea of a farmers market has been around since Ancient Egypt, and has happily transplanted itself into other areas and cultures with growing enthusiasm.


Two women in the 1940’s wheeling around their goodies.

Over the past several decades, the popularity of Farmers Markets has grown over 300% as many realize the value of finding a healthier product for not only their bodies, but for their local economy as well.  I have recently found one very close to my house that opens on Thursday evenings.  I love rushing over their as soon as it opens to peruse the day’s specials and (if I’m feeling brave) chat with the fine folks who run their booths.  While it is still early for a lot of the more common vegetables to make their appearance, their are still wonderful selections to be found.

More reasons (as if you need any more) to buy local!


Ready to find a market near you?

Check out this list of every Farmers Market in America (or at least pretty darn close) created by the United States Department of Agriculture. It allows you to search by state or by zip code and links the majority of the markets to their individual websites.


Now that you are well on your way to visiting your local market…what do you do with all that wonderful produce you have found?  Not to worry as I came across this link with 27 garden fresh recipes that will get those creative juices flowing after you bring home your bag of goodies!  Click the link below the picture to be taken to the gallery.


27 Garden-Fresh Recipes from The Farmers Market

So get out their and support your local community, your health and happiness!  You will be surprised at the wonders it will do!

Welcome home everyone!





The June Bride

june bride

One of my favorite songs from Seven Brides for Seven Brothers (which also happens to be one of my favorite movies) is the song “June Bride.”  It is extremely catchy and can pop into my head at random times…even when I haven’t watched the movie  in months!  If you haven’t seen/heard of this musical before, than close out this post and go find yourself a copy!!!  You won’t regret it! 🙂

In the meantime, feel free to click the link below to watch the song!

June Bride

And while getting married in June is not as common today (as I am a May bride), I still thought it would be fun to take a little look back at the do’s and don’ts of bridal wear!

One of my good friends is getting married, and watching her go through the fun of finding a wedding dress makes me feel just as excited as if it were for my own wedding (well, almost!)  She finally found a dress through Alfred Angelo after much debate and what seemed like an endless stream of gowns.  But she did it!  And as I was researching for this post, I came across this wonderful advertisement for Alfred Angelo gowns from the 1950’s.  After viewing this gown, I thought about how much wedding gown designs have changed…and not changed, as I feel like I saw this gown on display….just maybe not as fluffy!


But one thing that that hasn’t change too much over time is the color of the gown.  This excerpt from a book written in the 1870’s explains what goes into a proper bridal ensemble…and it seems like quite a bit!  And just in case you are interested, all sources quoted are listed at the bottom of this post.

“The dress for a bride will admit of such immense variety in materials, style, expense, and fashion, that it is difficult to give general directions.  Yet from the millionaire’s daughter to the mechanic’s child, there is always one rule, that the dress must be white throughout.  Dress, veil, gloves, slippers, wrapper, or bonnet all must be pure white for a full bridal dress.  The material varies; moire antique, alpaca, muslin, or fine bishop’s lawn, are all suitable for the wedding-dress.  The veil may be of illusion, lace, or very fine tulle, but should be long, very full, and fine.  It is fastened by the wreath, but whether to fall over the face or not, is a matter left to Fashion.  

Picture 499

Picture 499

The slippers should be of white satin, and the gloves of white kid, trimmed with white lace or white satin ribbon.

No jewelry is suitable for a bride, excepting diamonds or pearls.  

The same variety of selection of material, quality, and quantity, that applies to the wedding-dress, is equally applicable to the trousseau, but for a person in moderate circumstances, we give the usual quantity, which may be varied indefinitely, according to the purse or taste of the fair bride, or her parents.” (1)


Here is a 1920’s chart on bridal wear as created by Mary Brook Pickens.  I adore this chart as it gives instructions on what to wear based on location and time of day!  Fascinating!! (2)00000231-s

Taking inspiration from the chart, one can see the changes in these two 1920’s gown pairings based on location and time of day!


And while many brides look back with pride on their wedding day and the choices they have made…one has to wonder if the other members of the bridal party feel the same way.  Like this florally group:


To all you brides out there planning your wedding, no matter what month it happens to be in, I wish you happiness and great gown choices!



(1)The Art of Dressing Well: A Complete Guide to Economy, Style, and Propriety of Costume by Annie S. Frost, 1870

(2)Guide to Correct Dress for the Bride: Harmony in Dress by Mary Brooks Picken, 1925


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