Altering and Drafting Historical Patterns Video

The next installment in my historical sewing video series is here!…and long over due!

Today it is all about pattern drafting.  Join me as I show you how to take a simple grid pattern or pre-made paper pattern and alter it to fit your desired shape and look.


Close up of pattern grid used:

Images of my 1870’s Plaid and Brown Day gown which the bodice pattern was used….and altered! 😉

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How to Draft Paper Sewing Patterns

paper pattern

Many of the patterns I have created for my blog often rely on using a pattern guide where you draft your own pattern.  It is a wonderful process that really allows you to understand the constructions of a particular garment along with a growing familiarity of the shape patterns need to be to fit your body.  I first began pattern drafting after I purchased a 1930’s sewing book which used a mathematics-based system.  Never being all that good at math, I grew overwhelmed looking at the guide provided to create what I was used to simply cutting out.  However, once I slowly went through the process I was delighted to find how easy it was to learn and how many more types of garments I could create on my own without having to be restricted to the sizes offered on pattern envelopes.

So, if you have tried but became frustrated with pattern drafting, or if you have never tried it at all, than this post is for you!

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Sewing Tip Saturday: Ways to Hem/Edge a Dress

Hemming a garment is something that has to be done if you want to avoid that strange stringy feeling twisted around your legs.

 The process itself is rather straightforward.  Fold up the desired amount, fold it again, pin, and stitch.  This skill can be applied to the bottoms of dresses, skirts, sleeves, blouses, scarves, jackets… get the idea.

But, when it comes to sewing hems, there are so many ways to do it that it can become a unique and attractive aspect of the final creation.

Here are a few ways to hem/edge your next historical dress:

Sewing Tip hems


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