How to Pack a Trunk in 1870…

At some point in our lives we learn the best way to pack a suitcase…maybe.   Whether we learned it from a parent, an instructional tutorial, or through trial and error, efficiently packing a suitcase is a much desired skill that makes the difference between being prepared or being caught without some needed item.  When you take into account all the restrictions placed upon modern travelers, properly packing a suitcase is almost an art form in itself.  Except when on the way home from a trip….then everything just gets shoved in and quickly zipped up!

But if you are planning on traveling for a major historical event, and need either advice or some tips, then I’ve got you covered!  I know that using a steamer trunk on a plane isn’t feasible – probably not even if you drive in a car.  But between large, compartmentalized suitcases, or even large tupperware containers,  proper storage can happen.  And when you need upwards of 15 items per ensemble, organaization is key!

To learn how a woman in the 1870’s should pack for a journey from author Annie Frost, read on:

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Advice on Finding a Ready Made Gown

*please note that the following advice is aimed for women’s, ready made, historical clothing*

Just like our foremothers, money is, as always, in short supply. With a never ending list of necessities, bills and surprises, very little seems to be left over. Trust me, I live on a fixed income and am always trying to find ways to live well but live wisely. Over my twenty years of sewing my own historical clothing, I have learned many good ways and bad ways to save money. I would try to find the cheapest (and I mean cheapest) fabric I could to save money…and my clothing often looked like it.   When I struggled trying to recreate an item, I would search to find it ready made for the best deal possible…sometimes I lucked out, while other times the item fell apart after one use.

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