Project Planning for the New Year

As someone who spent a decade as a high school teacher, long term planning is apart of my DNA.  And even if I hadn’t spent years in the profession, my personality definitely lends itself to organization and lots of templates….except in my sewing studio.  That looks a hot mess most of the time!  Creativity doesn’t always lend itself to order, however, I have found that planning out projects has been vital to not only accomplishing my goals, but feeling focused.  Whether I need to complete a gown by a certain date, remember to try a new technique on an item, or take advantage of a fabric sale because I know I will have a need for it, being organized is so helpful!

I find that many naturally feel this way around the New Year.  And while I still feel that my “new year” always begins around September (once a teacher, always a teacher), I find my creative juices practically explode come January.  So in case this sounds like you, I have decided to share with you all the templates I use when planning not only a projects, but also for the year as a whole.  I added a few instructions as well!

I usually try to plan a few gowns (at least one from a new time period), repair any worn undergarments, and then make sure that I have left enough space to take on any custom orders or stock items that are needed.

Here is the one key difference that I have with viewing these types of worksheets versus how others may see them….I DO NOT LET MY LACK OF PROGRESS AFFECT ME.  These are not set in in stone.  If I get to all or none, that is ok.  It is just fun for me to have some goals and dreams to accomplish.  Not a way to beat myself up by my lack of progress.  I hope you will also be as gracious to yourself as needed.

So get out your patterns, samples, and inspiration and have fun planning!

Cheers to 2022!

Print out or use as a guide as needed


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