Handsewing 101

Before the invention of the sewing machine, hand sewing was the only method used  to construct garments.  There are various styles, techniques, and types of hand stitches used to do and create different things.  While many of us (especially for those sewing items 1850’s and on) use the sewing machine for the majority of our projects, there are still many parts that need to be sewn by hand.  I have created four little videos showing you the most commonly used stitches in historical sewing….two of which I use on every single gown I make.  

Note** I am left handed – and as such the angle may seem strange to you.  Simply hold the needle in your dominant hand, and follow the verbal instructions to create each stitch.

The Running Stitch


The Back Stitch

The Combination Stitch


The Hem Stitch

Practice makes perfect with many of these stitches, but perfect is not always the goal.  As long as your stitches are secure and serve their purpose, don’t get too caught up in their visual appeal.  Good luck and stay tuned for more hand stitching  videos in the future!

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