BONUS POST Dressing like a 1860’s Woman: The Order of Clothing

2021 Edit 

 *While this post is over 10 years old, it is still a great visual source for the proper layers to an 1860’s ensemble.  Enjoy a young mid-20’s Aimee! :-)*


There can be a bit of confusion of all the various items one should wear when dressing as a 1860’s lady, and in what order all of these items belong. I have created a picture tutorial of what I humbly think (based on research and practicality) the order of events should be when dressing. Hope this helps!
Step One:
Put on stockings and garters.

Step Two:
Put on chemise and corset. Lace up corset as tight as you can but make sure you still feel comfortable and can breathe normally.

Step Three:
Do your hair. I find that this is the best point to create one’s hairstyle. This way you have the basic foundation of clothing on, yet you can still move fairly easily.

Step Four:
Put on your pantaloons and tuck your chemise in. Some people but their pantaloons on underneath the corset…it is your choice.

Step Five:
Put on a modesty petticoat. The modesty petticoat is not as long or as full as a regular petticoat and is designed to protect you should your hoopskirt go flying about! I find this piece to be rather annoying but needed. If you are going to be outside during the winter, I would make this petticoat out of quilted flannel for warmth.

Step Six:
Put on your shoes and your hoopskirt…in that order…this way you can still reach your feet easily.

Step Seven:
Put on your over petticoat.

Step Eight:
Put on a corset cover if needed. If your gown is of light or see through material, a corset cover is a must!

Step Nine:
Finally…put on your lovely dress of choice!
P.S. This dress is the completed (well, almost completed) Blue and White Day Dress. All that is needed is the front hook and eye closures down the front.

Step Ten:
Put on jewelry, accessories, and hat! Now you are ready to go out after these ten easy (ok…well maybe not easy) steps.
Oh and here is a close up of my new shoes!!! Love them!

Hope this helps in your effort to put together the perfect Civil War outfit!!

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