Altering and Drafting Historical Patterns Video

The next installment in my historical sewing video series is here!…and long over due!

Today it is all about pattern drafting.  Join me as I show you how to take a simple grid pattern or pre-made paper pattern and alter it to fit your desired shape and look.


Close up of pattern grid used:

Images of my 1870’s Plaid and Brown Day gown which the bodice pattern was used….and altered! 😉


Sources used:

Janet Arnold’s Pattern of Fashion 2


Until next time my friends!


2 thoughts on “Altering and Drafting Historical Patterns Video

  1. Rebecca

    I would love to see a timelapse video of how you make/draft/alter a pattern for something you may already be doing for your shop. You wouldn’t even have to narrate it, although that would be lovely too!

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