So You Want to Try Historical Sewing?

Last week, we talked all about my process of creating and designing historical gowns.  But that led many to ask:

“How do I get into historical sewing?”

“What if I’m new to sewing?  Can I still start?”

And the answer is ABSOLUTELY YES!  Join me as I chat about what exactly historical sewing is, some easy beginning patterns and pattern brands to try out, along with tools you will need!  ***Hint – you probably already have everything you need! 😉


Helpful Links to Get You Started:

Videos on various types of patterns available:

Intro to Patterns from Books

Intro to PDF Patterns

Intro to Paper Patterns 


After a little research, looks like the Dating Fabric book is back in stock!  Click HERE.


Favorite Blogs to Follow for Advice and Inspiration:

American Duchess

The Dreamstress

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Wearing History

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There are of course many, many other wonderful blogs and costumers out there, but these are my number one go-tos!

Join me next time for a chat all about vintage sewing! 🙂



5 thoughts on “So You Want to Try Historical Sewing?

  1. Terry Carnes

    Aimee – I LOVE the video! I did not know you had started making videos. I look forward to seeing all of them. I did historical costuming for plays a while back. I copied illustrations but there were a lot of sewing technicalities that it would have helped me to know. One thing I did well was save money. Some of my fabric I would find in household resale shops like Value Village — king and queen size cotton sheets for a few dollars each, used just enough to have some softness but not to look old or faded or droopy. There were always alot of colors and patterns to choose from – people seem to like to clean out their linen closets! Also – fluffy, gathered cotton bedskirts can be made into beautiful petticoats.
    So anyway — thanks for the videos!! Terry

    • What great advice to use sheets and such! So many patterns can really translate well to historical gowns AND it saves money!!! I’m so glad you enjoy the videos! It’s such a fun way for me to connect with everyone! ☺️ thank you as always for reaching out ! Have a great day!!!

    • Anna

      I love to use sheets too!! One of my favorite things is that I can make a midi or maxi length full circle skirt with a gathered, elastic waistband and no side seams, because the fabric width is so much more than off the bolt fabrics for garment sewing when you get a large size bedsheet! One of the dresses I made that always gets complimented was made with a bedsheet. Even the really worn or less pretty bed linens are great for sewing, because they make great, cheap fabric for muslins (test/fitting garments).

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