A Little Chat on the Historical Designing Process

“Aimee, how did you make that?”

“Did you just follow instructions?”

“Wish I could figure out how to design a gown like that!”

Well, I’ve been listening and have decided to share the process I go through when I design a historical gown.  From original inspiration to my next steps, you will learn about what books and patterns I go to first for help along the way!

Let’s get going!

Have another topic you would like me to chat about?  Dying to know some of my construction or designing secrets?

Leave a comment below! 🙂

PS: The book I was referring to is Fashion: The Collection from the Kyoto Fashion Institute. 🙂







2 thoughts on “A Little Chat on the Historical Designing Process

  1. Anna

    I enjoyed hearing about your design process and especially the book and pattern recommendations. Thank you for also spreading the kindness around and encouraging your readers to do so as well! I would be interested in hearing how you alter and adapt patterns to suit the design idea you have. I’m another self-taught sewist, and I find it interesting learning about what has and hasn’t worked for others (and it can definitely vary person to person of course!).

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