On My Inspiration Board: Coral Gowns


Happy Thanksgiving week everyone!!  

I can’t believe we are already at Thanksgiving!  While I feel that the summer went by at a normal pace, this fall has simply flew!!

I have been very busy sewing these past days, not only getting ready for Black Friday and Cyber Monday on my shop (click HERE to see all the deals), but also with some fun projects just for the heck of it!  One such project, was this 1810’s day gown in such a fun shade of coral-ly pink.

Now I know, that like so many colors, what one person may think is coral may not be what another person would describe it as.  So if you are sitting at home thinking that none of the gowns in this post are coral…that’s okay!  Agree to disagree! 🙂  Regardless, something about this happy color just sent me on a coral-hunting mission, and while there are not very many historical examples out there in coral, there are a few!

Lets start with this lovely painting called La Jeune Musicienne created in 1788 by Michel Garner.  I mean the color, the gown, the gauze-y overalay, the flowered hair piece….drool!!




Could you call that color apricot?  Sure.  Could you call it coral, or pink?  Of course….remember, color is often in the eye of the beholder.  But no matter what color you call it , I think we can all agree it is stunning!

So that takes us to this edition of On My Inspiration Board, where I put my absolute favorites into one delightful collage!!  From 1810-1950, there is something here for everyone!

To see more coral gowns, feel free to hop over to my Pinterest Page!

So no matter what name you give it, these gowns are worth more than a passing glance to appreciate the fine design and craftsmanship that went into creating them!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving everyone!!




2 thoughts on “On My Inspiration Board: Coral Gowns

  1. Rachel S Flores

    Lovely day dress! I was looking at the detail picture of the bodice/bust, did you hand sew the whole dress, or just the fiddly bits?

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