Fashion Plate Fun


Today I thought it would be fun to browse through a variety of fashion plates!  I mean, who doesn’t love a little gown envy?!  

I decided to share a few of my favorites starting around 1830 and going up to 1940.  Ranging from daywear to evening wear, these fashion plates are just the thing to get your fashion juices flowing!  

Let’s get started!

This 1830’s evening gown is in the most amazing color of blue I have ever seen!



These 1850’s gowns are perfect examples of visiting or afternoon gowns.


While it is a toss up between the two, I am in love with the yellow 1860’s ballgown with red floral accents.


While I am sure walking was very difficult in this particular creation, I still love the color and pattern combinations of this 1880’s gown.


A lovely array of turn of the century shirtwaists.  


Sigh….I adore every single one of these 1910’s outfits.  


Perfect for summer vacations, these 1920’s outfits are just made for an ocean resort.


This soft blue 1930’s gown looks wonderful with or without the jacket!


The pleated floral dress on this 1940’s fashion plate is adorable!


So whether you love 19th or 20th century fashion, are a seamstress or costume designer, or simply appreciate the look of the past, I hope these fashion plates offer inspirations and a few day dreams!




2 thoughts on “Fashion Plate Fun

  1. Terry

    Aimee – The first plate looks like something I would LOVE to sit down and recreate. Love it. I think it would look like that if recreated. I’m remembering a dress I made to wear to my cousin’s wedding – a 1930’s dress from a real 1930’s pattern – I was so excited about it. But although I am slim and tall enough, my silouette in the 30’s dress definitely did not resemble the willowy stylized visions that you see in 1930’s fashion plates!! Ha! But I think the WWI era dresses could be recreated faithfully when worn.

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