Winter Outfits: 1870-1940


Another cold snap has hit and brought with it a foot of snow!  I can’t really complain as I love the snow, but it certainly does require quite a bit of bundling up.  On days like this, I pull out my faithful down coat and matching snow boots, suit up, and then head out to brace the winter wind. Of course, I promise myself if I can complete all my errands without too much resentment towards the bitter cold, then I can have a nice hot cup of cocoa when I come home…its a great compromise!

So despite the chill outside, today’s post is all about warm and stylish winter clothing!  To start with, I found this fascinating timeline on  I absolutely love the purple tones and enjoy seeing the change of fashion.


Image by

And out of all these lovely looks, I found some extras that I just had to include!

Here are two 1880’s ensemble, with one featuring a lovely face veil.



This 1918 look has a lovely matching fur collar and muff…and those pleat/skirt drapings are to die for!


Another lovely collection of 1910’s winter wear…the brown coat ensemble in the foreground is my favorite.


Stylish and sporty describe this 1930’s winter look!  I love how, despite the activity,  her hat is perfectly perched on her well coifed hair.


This adorable duo, also from the 1930’s, are displaying to very different, yet very attractive winter coats!


A true hallmark of the 1940’s period, this winter look is clean, simple, and adorably functional!


Bundle up everyone!  It’s going to be a cold one today! 🙂


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