From My Sewing Table: November


I know that this saying usually applies to March, but my goodness has November come in like a lamb.  It has been so mild that I haven’t even needed to wear a jacket…and if you follow my blog, you know that makes me so sad! 🙁  Let’s hope that cooler weather shows up soon!

But with the arrival of November comes the official start of the holiday season!  I may or may not be listening to Christmas music already…I can’t help it!!! 🙂  This is my most favorite times of the year and I can’t wait for Thanksgiving to get here!  Many of you may not be as eager as I am for the holidays to arrive, but I embrace them with arms wide open.  The holiday commercials, the special logos on items at the grocery store, the boxes of Christmas cards beginning to be displayed, and of course the start of the most cherished seasonal films and shows!  I mean, who doesn’t love watching This is America Charlie Brown…that poor kid is literally seasick the entire time!

Yet with all that excitement headed my way, I am also struggling.  Struggling with maintaining some balance in my life.  There is just so much going on that at times I can’t seem to get my bearings.  I would be lying if I said I was trying to enjoy each day.  Quite the opposite actually.  I find myself wishing the weeks to go by so my life can return to some sort of normalcy where I can end my day feeling accomplished rather than defeated.  Allowing myself to relax and not wish away this particular time in my life is very difficult.  I know time will go by and this rather trying time will be over…but that doesn’t always work when I’m staring at a to-do list that doesn’t get shorter.

So you see, that’s what I am so eager for the holidays.  They give me hope and excitement that the present will not last forever and so I must choose to celebrate their approach with eagerness and joy.  Not exhaustion and resentment.

***Cue determined squaring of shoulders and lifted chin**

My sewing has been a bit spotty of late, although not completely forgotten.  While I have been able to create a few pieces, my sewing videos have been put on hold for a little bit.  But never fear!  They shall be coming your way soon! 🙂

I know that today’s post may not be the norm for me.  But it is real, honest, and what I am going through.  I know I am not alone, as many of us go through these rough patches every so often.  So for now I shall think happy thoughts about turkey, pies…and oh yes, Charlie Brown doing his best to keep down his lunch on the Mayflower!


Happy November everyone!  Let’s make it a good one!! 🙂


4 thoughts on “From My Sewing Table: November

  1. Dearest Aimee,
    Hang in there! While I don’t know the causes of your current rough patch I can promise you that the feelings of exhaustion and work undone are well-known, dreaded parts of this season to all and any of us in retail! I too used to adore the holidays but in the last few years putting up the tree was a thought that brought tears of fatigue and misery, not what I wanted to do after a day on my feet making products and packaging baskets. After four weeks of makig pretty baskets for customers the joy and pleasure I always took in wrapping presents for loved ones is hard to find, so yes, I really empathize! Not much help but do try to enjoy the little things, the ones you have everyday, that’s what usually gets me through.

  2. Terry

    Gee, Aimee – your blog makes me happy even when it’s feelin’ blue… but I hope you feel better soon. I remember the best Christmas I had as an adult – I had no money and told everyone that I couldn’t buy any gifts that year. With all the pressure gone, I enjoyed the true meaning of Christmas – it was so joyful. Maybe you can cast aside a few responsibilities.

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