Warm and Cozy Pajamas!!


As I sit here writing this post, I am very comfortably snuggled up in my pajamas.  A little too early perhaps, but as long as no one rings my doorbell, I am free to lounge around in my pjs until bedtime! 🙂  It’s funny how clothes that have specific “jobs” can often make a person feel as if they are cheating or will be judged for wearing them at the wrong time.  It is also very freeing to spend the day at home in the same clothes you woke up….very freeing indeed!

And of course as the weather begins to take a chilly turn, warm and cozy pajamas are a must.  Nothing feels as comfy and relaxing as hopping into a cute pair of pajamas then spending the last evening hours on the couch with a book…assuming, of course, you don’t sack out within in 15 minutes! 🙂  While a good pair of pajamas can be tricky to come by, one can always whip up a pair!  So with that in mind….

Here are a few of my favorite vintage pajama patterns:

I love the yoked top of these pajamas!


These lounging pajamas could almost be worn in public!


The pajamas on the right remind my of ones Lucille Ball wore in the early seasons of I Love Lucy!


The quilted jacket looks like the perfect thing to wear on a chilly weekend morning.  All this is missing is a steaming hot mug of coffee! :-0


And for something a little more modern, I love all the pieces of this pajama set from Simplicity Patterns.


Now its time to grab a cozy blanket and take my pajama-clad self into the living room to finish my book!
Have a fabulous weekend!





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