From My Sewing Table: September


To me, nothing feels as good as coming home from a wonderful vacation.  This is a rather unusual statement I realize, and can leave one scratching one’s head wondering if I had a good vacation or not.  Most people hate to leave their chosen destination and can dread the thought of going back to their “normal lives.”  But for me, as much as I love going somewhere fun and exciting, nothing beats the cozy and comfortable feeling of coming home.  I return energized and motivated to jump back into my daily life with both feet.  While I may miss the relaxed feeling I  have become wonderfully accustomed to, I am eager to get back into my routine of early morning mugs of coffee on the front porch. …before I go to work of course!

Now that we have entered September, I find that this wonderful source of energy has come at the perfect time.  With the cooler air mercifully on its way, football season just around the corner, and apples almost ready to be plucked off a tree, I just can’t help but be excited to be home.  And for those of us who, perhaps, haven’t been able to sneak away for a few days, we can still find that renewing source by embracing all things fall!  The deeper colors of fall mums, crisp mornings and warm afternoons, pumpkin patches beginning to stock up for the inevitable rush, and yes, even the Pumpkin Spice Latte from Starbucks, are all ways to shake off the last dog days off summer for the refreshing days of autumn.

To take advantage of the remaining weeks before the fall leaves explode with beauty, I am planning on ploughing through mountains of sewing.  My hope is to take many of the pieces I have completed and venture outside for a fall photograph session ….fingers crossed my machine and the weather can work together to make this happen! 🙂

Still not sure if you are able to fully embrace the fall season?  Why not try my top five, no fail ways to get bitten by the autumn bug:

  1. Get a pedicure in a new fall shade….my favorite is Kimono-Over by Essie.2663601
  2. Check out your local town website for a craft show and see if some little fall decoration catches your eye!
  3. Sew something for fall…plaid scarves are always a perfect choice!
  4. Pick up a new cooking magazine with lots of recipes for root vegetables that will soon be in season.
  5. Check out some stores to take advantage of any Labor Day Sales and find that perfect sweater you’ve always been wanting!

So join me and let’s embrace the fall season with both arms wide open!



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