The Reasons Behind My Love for All Historical Sewing


I remember times as a child that many people said an individual was either a cat person or a dog person.  Or that someone was either an early bird or a night owl.  A thinker versus a do-er, just a coffee or tea drinker….and the list goes on. I remember pondering this and waiting to see just what type of person I would become.  Well, years have gone by and I have learned that I am neither an early morning or late night person, I love both cats and dogs, can equally enjoy a cup of coffee or tea, and have been known to act on an idea within a split second of creating it.  So when it comes to my sewing, it is no surprise that I just can’t seem to settle myself down to one particular style.  

For a blog and a business that has the word “Victorian” in it, I often receive questions and comments about the topics and products I choose to discuss and sell.  “I would never have thought you would sell Regency era” or  “Isn’t a topic on 1950’s a little out of your genre?”  And if you didn’t know me, I would say those statements would be very accurate.  Yet, ask anyone who has known me since I was a young child and they would simply smile and nod stating that my tastes have been that wide and varied as long as they have known me.  You see, I find delight and joy in SO MANY things, that I could never just narrow myself down to just one way of doing things.  I like eggs cooked in all different ways, any fruit is more than welcome to make it’s way into a pie of mine, and any type of music is my type of music.  And the same can most definitely be said about my sewing.

Years ago when I was official registering my business, I struggled over what name to use.  I decided to use the word Victorian in the title with the thought that it would, by default, encompass a wide variety of decades.  Of course, that doesn’t mean that I don’t love to dabble before and after that time period! 🙂  I am most in love with cooking and decorating from the 1940’s and ’50s with a wide collection of cookbooks and home decor books to lay proof to this.  I love the skill and craft that goes into creating large crinoline gowns from the 1850’s-1860’s.  And nothing makes me ooze like seeing a elegantly designed Regency gown.  But the list doesn’t stop there.  Lace dripping creations from the turn of the century can be jaw dropping and seeing a well structured suit in an old black and white film evokes envy that those seam lines can be so crisp.  And anyone who can patiently insert dozens of pieces of boning into an 17th century bodice is to be admired and praised….a skill I can’t wait to improve.

You see, to be a well-rounded individual, one should feel free to explore and learn as many various subjects as they can.  And naturally, the same can be true for sewing.  By all means do and create that which you enjoy the most, but don’t be afraid to branch out and try new things!  

I know I sure will!!!



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