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Intro to Sewing Video Series: Paper Patterns


Hello my friends!

Today we start the first part of a three part series focusing on the many ways to find, create, understand, and store sewing patterns.  In this ten minute video, I will focus on the following topics:

  • How to read the back of commercial sewing patterns
  • How to care for and store commercial sewing patterns
  • How to read and store historical sewing patterns from specialized pattern companies
  • Tips to remember when working with vintage patterns
  • The Pros and Cons for purchasing, working with, and storing paper patterns

My favorite paper pattern companies are listed below this video!

Commercial Patterns

Simplicity Patterns

McCalls Patterns

Butterick Patterns

Vogue Patterns

Historical Sewing Patterns

Period Impressions

Past Patterns

Sense and Sensibility Patterns

Laughing Moon Mercantile

I hope this has helped you understand the major differences and similarities of paper patterns, along with a few different ways to keep track of everything! 🙂

Next Friday’s video, will focus on downloadable PDF sewing patterns!

Have a wonderful day!



  1. Great overview of different patterns and some great tips too! I also use Binders for a lot of my PDF and Craftsy patterns. For my commercial patterns I’ve found that comic book sleeves fit them nicely.


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