1940’s Salmon Pink Suit

1940's salmon suit

This was such a fun outfit to make!  I mean, like super fun!  I was browsing through one of my 1940’s pattern reference books and came across a suit which featured three waist darts which had been top stitched.  I thought it was such a feminine take on a blazer jacket and went to work creating a pattern and putting it together.

Well several 1950’s musicals and one DVD of I Love Lucy Season 5 later, I was done!  I paired the suit with a light cream blouse I already owned, and put with the gored skirt….well my little heart just about palpitated out of my chest! 🙂

And while I absolutely adore this creation, I ended up creating it a little too big for myself….so I put it up for sale on my Etsy Shop for someone else to love and enjoy!

In addition, I also wanted to share with you all some lovely closeups of this very fun little project!









Enjoy your Wednesday!


11 thoughts on “1940’s Salmon Pink Suit

  1. Mary Sorensen

    OK. Thank you. Again, it’s so pretty. I think that is the most difficult thing for me when sewing – picking out the correct fabric for the pattern. I try to go by what the pattern suggests, but I just don’t seem to get it right a lot of the time. Any suggestions?

    • Hi Mary!
      It can be tricky choosing the right fabric. Usually I just pick out fabric I like and tend not to look at the suggestions on the pattern. Another way is to use the garment itself to help you pick…. A sheath dress sometimes has a stiffer fabric than an A-line, or the more details on the dress the less patterned the fabric should be so you can see the details…
      The bottom line is to find what speaks to you and then go from there! Don’t feel pressured to just use what the company suggests….go with your gut! 🙂
      Hope this has helped!!!

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