A Summer Vintage Tea Party


I am on the final countdown until all the construction on my house is finished!

  ***cue fireworks, excited squeals, and sighs of relief**

And I have decided that once it is all done and my house looks better than ever, I want to have my friends over for a little get together.  And while I am sure it will only be the first of many parties, I really want the first one to be extra special and true to who I am.

So what is more me than a vintage tea party!?  And half the fun of the party is all the planning that goes into it…. along with the hours of finding and perfecting the perfect recipes.  Yum!

Here are a few samples of ideas I have and plan to use!

I love the idea of using vintage dishes to hold all of the accessories for the party.  This example from Martha Stewart reminds me of a 1930’s table setting.


I don’t personally own a vintage cake pedestal, but here are two wonderful ways to create some of my own!


The Whoot



And of course, the most important thing for any party (apart from the tea) are the finger foods offered in delicate shapes.  Tea Time (link below the picture) has many delicious options to choose from!


Tea Time

I still haven’t decided on the tea…any ideas or recommendations?  I am more of a coffee drinker, so if any of you tea connoisseurs out there could lead me down the right path, I would be most grateful!

Now with all these ideas, what better way to wait out the last few weeks of building and landscaping  than with some fun tea party crafts and recipes testing! 🙂


4 thoughts on “A Summer Vintage Tea Party

  1. Since you’ll be doing tons of prep work anyway, use an herbal tea (the zinger teas are really flavorful (lemon zinger, red zinger, etc) or I like Country Peach Passion), because it’s very difficult to over-steep it. Add a little honey and you’re good to go!

    But if you’d like a black tea, I recommend Lady Grey, Prince of Wales, or English Breakfast for some classics that are pretty mild and well-loved.

  2. Terry

    Many tea drinkers love Earl Grey and, as Tegan mentioned, English Breakfast. For decaf tea drinkers, there’s nothing more fun to see than an assortment of herbal teas to choose from!
    Congratulations on the near completion of the work on your house!!

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