1950’s Overskirt Video Tutorial: Beginner’s Sewing

1950's overskirt

The other day, I was watching my season 5 DVD set of I Love Lucy…. you know, the Hollywood episodes.  And as I was watching one of the episodes, Lucy wore one of my favorite outfits in the entire series. A delicious creation featuring an overskirt attached to a bodice with coordinating skinny pants.  

Here is the image of it from the show, along with the original sketch by Elois Jensson:


Lucy in Palm Springs


Now, this particular outfit has been placed on my “To Create” list, however I wanted to do something quick and easy for a fun tutorial for my blog.  So, I did some more research, and found a few easy examples of this look:




Fun, flirty, and offering extreme versatility, this overskirt is a fantastic 1950’s addition that can easily find it’s way into our 21st century wardrobe!

What you will need:

  • Fabric of choice in any amount you desire.  I used 1 3/8 yards as it was the only amount available in this particular pattern, but adjust as needed.
  • Thread
  • 1 hook and bar closure

This tutorial is broken into three parts with video instruction for each section.

Part One:

In the first clip, I will show you the length and width for the skirt, how to create and place the pockets, as well as hemming the skirt.



Part Two:

The second video focuses on gathering, pinning, and stitching the skirt to the waistband.



Part Three:

This last clip goes over whipstitching the waistband as well as how to close the skirt  in the front.



I hope these simple steps help lead you down the road to a fun and flirty 1950’s overskirt!  Feel free to share your creation in the comments below or over on my Facebook page!

Have a wonderful weekend!


8 thoughts on “1950’s Overskirt Video Tutorial: Beginner’s Sewing

  1. Mary Sorensen

    I have ALWAYS loved the look of these overskirts! When I first read the title of your blog, I immediately thought of Lucy so was pleasantly surprised that you had mentioned it. Thank you for the tutorials. Really fun.
    Mary S.

  2. Terry

    Aimee –
    I’ve been frustrated for a long time with the same old idea of wearing pants or a skirt, feeling that I need something new, different, and attractive to wear that can replace blah old ideas, especially in the summer.
    “But what can women wear?” I keep asking myself. “We’ve done it all.”
    The overskirt! It’s not new but it’s INTERESTING and like new after all this time! Thanks for the idea!

    • Terry!!! What a fabulous viewpoint! I love the idea of bringing back something old and making it new all over again!
      Thank you so much for your comment and wish you luck in creating some wonderful new pieces for your wardrobe!
      Aimee 🙂

  3. Jeanne

    I am so excited to make one of these to match a dress I love that is just a tad too short. I can make the overskirt a bit longer and change the whole look. I hope I can find the right contrasting fabric. This morning I found your website through your post on We Sew Retro of your lovely pastel suit (very pretty) and have enjoyed it so much, thanks!

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