Three Cheers for the Red, White, and Blue!!


Happy Fourth of July!!!

Today is the day to eat as much BBQ food as you can hold, spit out as many watermelon seeds as your lips can handle, and keep the neighbors up late with firecracker after firecracker!  It is also the day to take out all your red, white, and blue and slap them all together in one glorious outfit!  Of course it is probably an outfit that you would never wear on July 3rd or July 5th.  🙂

To celebrate not only our nation’s birthday, but patriotism in general, I have collected a series of images that show national pride!  So enjoy…then go outside and have a blast!!

This 1903’s Sailor suit is adorable and very comfy looking.


While this photo is in black and white, one can imagine the bright stripes and crisp white of these 1940’s teenagers’ dresses.


I love the all-white dress this 1950’s model is wearing…including that amazing hat!


Another very fun 1930’s dress, I love the two toned belt on the blue dress.


Lena Horne looks stunning in this polka-dot-esque dress that I can imagine in a happy blue!


One length, but four beautiful necklines in a wide range of flag colors!


Stunningly simply, this dress is the perfect picnic dress!


Happy Fourth of July and happy summer!!!


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