From My Sewing Table: July

July cover

Versatility and multi-tasking.  These are two terms which we as women today are very familiar.  We understand the concept and the need to adapt to the daily pulse of our lives while still making sure that nothing falls through the cracks….and if things do, we have the versatility to forgive ourselves (or at least we should.)

With this in mind, take a look at this 1950’s Simplicity Pattern Cover below:


What do you see?  

If you see one woman in the same dress wearing some slightly different accessories, you are almost right.  If you see a woman wearing the same dress with slightly different accessories, and looking absolutely glamorous in each outfit….ding ding ding!  It isn’t the fact that the dress is so stylish (of course that helps), or that each accessory is custom designed to coordinate, it is the fact that the woman herself, pulls the look together.  And isn’t that the way it should be?  We recognize that there are things in our life we can’t change so we we find ways to accommodate and adjust.  But the real trick is doing all that and totally rocking it!  So take all those little changes that life has thrown your way, and create one awesome outfit!

Now that I have fully expanded on my dress metaphor, I am ready to share with you other fun things that have been showing up in my sewing studio with plans to head them your way!

My sewing has been a delicious carnival ride where I have visited so many side shows, all of which have been throughly exciting.  A little 1860’s here, some 1940’s there, and a jump back to 1810’s.  I really find my creativity thrives when I embrace this type of sewing as it keeps my mind and my skills fresh and honed.  Many of these little beauties will make their debut here on my blog, or will be available for sale on my Etsy Shop….I can’t wait!

I am also working on more video tutorials.  The one I created last month, while still a bit rough, seemed to be a big hit, so more is on the way!  I am currently working on one for a 1950’s overskirt….super fun!!

So as we sail further into the warm summer months, embrace life’s changes as a new accessory to complete your ensemble….as long as it isn’t in the color puce! 😦


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