Visiting Your Local Farmers Market

farmers market

There is a feeling of “coming home” emerging in many parts of the country.  What do I mean by that?  I mean that there is this overwhelming urge to go back to the simpler things in life, appreciate good, hard work, and try to make our environment a little bit healthier and happier.  I like to call this “coming home.”  I have noticed it expand where I live, as people begin shopping in more local stores, embracing small backyard subsistence farming, and doing their best to get everyone they know involved.


An early 1900’s Farmers Market

And one place where you will find a large population of such like-minded people is at the Farmers Market.  It is a joyous gathering of local crafters, farmers, florists, bakers, butchers, and other such folks who bring their preciously created wares to share with others.  Of course the idea of a farmers market has been around since Ancient Egypt, and has happily transplanted itself into other areas and cultures with growing enthusiasm.


Two women in the 1940’s wheeling around their goodies.

Over the past several decades, the popularity of Farmers Markets has grown over 300% as many realize the value of finding a healthier product for not only their bodies, but for their local economy as well.  I have recently found one very close to my house that opens on Thursday evenings.  I love rushing over their as soon as it opens to peruse the day’s specials and (if I’m feeling brave) chat with the fine folks who run their booths.  While it is still early for a lot of the more common vegetables to make their appearance, their are still wonderful selections to be found.

More reasons (as if you need any more) to buy local!


Ready to find a market near you?

Check out this list of every Farmers Market in America (or at least pretty darn close) created by the United States Department of Agriculture. It allows you to search by state or by zip code and links the majority of the markets to their individual websites.


Now that you are well on your way to visiting your local market…what do you do with all that wonderful produce you have found?  Not to worry as I came across this link with 27 garden fresh recipes that will get those creative juices flowing after you bring home your bag of goodies!  Click the link below the picture to be taken to the gallery.


27 Garden-Fresh Recipes from The Farmers Market

So get out their and support your local community, your health and happiness!  You will be surprised at the wonders it will do!

Welcome home everyone!





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