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A 1950’s Sleeveless Jacket or Sleeveless Dress

1950's jacket and dress

This little number is part coat, part dress, and part chic!

This is a very simple design which can easily include sleeves, a collar, or a fun belt as seen in the picture above.  The other fun thing about this pattern is that it is fully lined!  How luxurious! 🙂

Materials Needed

1 1/2 yard each of outer fabric and lining

6 large buttons

Pattern Guide

1950's jacket pattern 1

Front – Cut 2 from both fabrics but cut lining shorter that outer fabric

A, B – 1/4 of neck plus 3″

B, C – Shoulder length plus 2″

E, D – 1/4 of bust plus 3″

C, D – Armhole Curve

Back (Cut on fold) Cut 1 of each fabric

A, B – 1/4 of neck plus 1″

B, C – Shoulder length

E, D – 1/4 of bust plus 2-3″

C, D – Armhole Curve

To show you how to create this pattern, I have added a video outlining each step.  

Sorry about the wavy lines in the video….I’m still new to the whole movie making thing! 🙂  But I will get better!!


Lining – 

  1. Stitch shoulder and side darts on wrong side of lining.
  2. Stitch shoulder and side seams, right sides together.

Outer  – 

  1. Stitch shoulder and side darts on wrong side.
  2. Stitch shoulder and side seams, right sides together.
  3. Stitch lining to outer pieces, right sides together, along neckline.  Turn right side out and press along neckline making sure that lining cannot be seen from the outside.  Stitch along the neckline to secure.
  4. Trim excess fabric (if needed) around armhole, then hem armhole by folding a double hem on the inside of the jacket. Make sure the lining lays flat and smooth.
  5. Fold excess center front outer fabric over the lining creating a very wide hem on the inside.  Pin and then stitch.
  6. Do the same to the bottom hem, making sure to catch the lining ends.  Stitch.
  7. Mark and sew buttonholes.  Stitch buttons to the opposite side.

Note* As I mentioned in the video, this process of drafting is all about being flexible and adjusting as needed.  To prove that, I noticed that the back neckline was too wide, so I gave a cute little pleat to it.  Not wanting the same for the lining, I made sure to take in the neckline before I cut it out!


Official Photos









Happy sewing!!




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  2. Mary Sorensen says

    I’m so glad you are starting videos! You’re very good at explaining – love the dress – very chic. : )


    • Thank you so much!! I am so glad that you liked the video. I plan on doing more as it does make it easier to understand the pattern drafting.
      Thank you so much for your comment and I hope you have a wonderful evening!


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