On My Inspiration Board: Striped Gowns

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Did you notice anything different about my blog this morning?
That’s right, a new logo!!!!


I am so excited to have a brand new logo designed for me by Susan of LogoLane.  Evoking the color, beauty, and love of historical fashion, this new logo continues to be a step forward in creating a better blog and a better business!  Cue excited squeal!!! 🙂

Alright, now onto the real stuff!

I am delving into a topic that may be a joyous thing for some women or a bad memory for others.  I’m talking stripes.  Those pesky little lines that could either create a sleek line or make one feel (as I have in the past) that they are as wide as a barn (forgive the horrible analogy…but I’m sure we have all been there.)

Yet, despite the riskiness that these little parallel lines can hold, designers and seamstresses alike have been creating garments featuring the stripe for centuries.  Why?  Well, amongst many reasons, it is visually striking, allows for fun color coordination, and if properly done, can be very flattering.

Stripes can also come a in variety of shapes, sizes, and directions.  For example, this example of a diagonal, texture stripe as worn by actress Anna May Wong, is absolutely stunning and visually interesting.

84d57a3e76a497e37a4fb70d4b77b5d0Here this evening gown, worn by Lauren Becall, shows how stripes can vary in width.


Stripes can also be used in geometric patterns, like the fun sun dress worn by Dorothy Lamour.


So whether you like your stripes wide, narrow, colorful, or diagonal, wear them with confidence!

striped collage

To see more examples, please visit this Pinterest Page.

Happy Monday!


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