My Favorite 1860’s Sewing Patterns and Finished Projects

1860's patterns

Today’s post has been a blast to put together!  I wanted to share some of my favorite sewing patterns, but I wasn’t sure which ones I wanted to share.  So as I was looking back at some of my sewing projects, I decided to do a true throwback and share my favorite 1860’s patterns.  Plus, with reenactment season almost in full swing, this could be the perfect time for all you re-enactors to whip up something new!

If you have been following my blog since its beginning, you might have noticed that over the last year  I have expanded my sewing focus from mid 19th century to include more recent decades.  The reasons for this are numerous but the overarching one is passion.  I have learned, the hard way at times, to let my creativity go where it wants to.  If I restrict it to simply one area (decade, century…) I will get burnt out rather quickly and will end up with large droughts of uninspired nothingness.  This is why I choose to let my creative soul lead the way!

But that still doesn’t mean I can’t look back fondly on some of my most favorite creations!  And with that said, I feel the need to list a few fun things I noticed and remember about the following pictures:

  1. I photographed all of these on a black background…I don’t know why…but I did.
  2. I hand-hemmed every one one of these dresses..including the cover photo…and I developed a pretty impressive callous as a result.

So without further ado, let’s get started.  Each pattern I feature can be reached by clicking the underlined link below the pattern picture!


1860’s Garibaldi Blouse by Past Patterns

This lovely blouse is great for beginners as it doesn’t require any darts or fitting.  The only thing you need to have patience for is sewing all the buttonholes.  Below you will see one of the blouses I made in a royal blue.



Garibaldi Blouse Pattern


1860’s Day Dress by Peachtree Mercantile

This pattern is probably one of my favorites and most made pieces.  I could make it with my eyes closed…or at least without looking at the instructions.  The wonderful thing about this pattern is the fabulous instruction booklet that comes with it.  Unfortunately it is rather tricky to track down and the only size I could find is the 18-28 size on Etsy, however one of my lovely readers found the smaller patterns size available on Amazon Dry Goods.     Also, below is one of my favorite versions of this gown!


Peach Tree Mercantile Pattern


Period Impression Day/Camp Dress

Okay, this pattern is in some ways my favorite and in others, not so much.   The dress itself is rather awkward to make as it has a gored skirt with a front closure….it looks awkward and it wear awkward….at least in my opinion.  However, I adore the bodice of it and have found it to be one of the best for basic 1860’s dresses.  I will most often make just the bodice and pair it with a basic 5 yard skirt.  The picture below shows such a combination….


Period Impressions Camp/Day Dress


Period Impression 1860’s Tea Bodice

Another one of my favorites, this bodice features as basque and small pagoda sleeves.  I love using fun trims and contrasting colors to create a truly unique day dress.  I have received many compliments when I have worn a bodice like this…plus, it is surprisingly easy to make!  Below is one of my favorite versions made out of fabric purchased from…although, I am not sure if this particular fabric is still available.


Period Impressions Day Bodice


Do you have a favorite 1860’s pattern you would like to share?  Or have you created a piece from any of the patterns listed?  Let’s share by commenting below!

Have a wonderful weekend my friends!



Very soon I will be sharing some exciting details about the official release date for my vintage pattern book entitled Aimee’s Vintage Armoire: 1940’s-1950’s AND information about my new vintage fashion line inspired by the patterns featured in the book!

With a fun giveaway and sneak peeks to be featured both on my blog AND my newsletter, you won’t want to miss out!

Thank you all for your support and love….none of this would be possible without you!

5 thoughts on “My Favorite 1860’s Sewing Patterns and Finished Projects

    • Hi Jenny!!!
      Well, they are patterns that you draft on your own using a guide I offer in the book, but, yes, they are based on modern measurements! 🙂
      And thank you for finding the other patterns size, I will add that to the post now!! 🙂
      Have a wonderful day,


  1. Thanks so much for this post. It’s, of course, very interesting to see the drawings of the old patterns but to also see examples of them “sewn up” is really great. I would love to make them but don’t have time but at least I can see the ones you made!


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