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On My Inspiration Board: Calico Gowns

calico cover

It is hard to believe that a fabric which evokes simplicity, homey-ness, and (if you are me) Little House on the Prairie, has a very fascinating and international history.  Originating from Calicut, India, the fabric we know as calico gained popularity from it’s early 11th century birth and well into our modern age.  Known for a sold color on which a simply design repeats all over, calico has become a much used piece of fabric.


An example of an early calico fabric

Long used for a variety of sewing projects which ranged from dresses to quilts to kitchen linens, calico is easily one of the most widely used and widely appreciated fabrics around.  The other wonderful thing about calico is it’s very affordable price tag.  I love picking up yards of happy calico, even if I don’t have a particular project in mind, because of its versatility.  While not exactly known for it’s luxury, there are many examples of gowns constructed from calico.  In fact, Hollywood has some wonderfully fun samples of calico dresses, even if they aren’t completely accurate:


Little House on the Prairie


Jane Eyre, 2014

So with all these wonderful choices, I had a very fun time creating this month’s inspiration board!  I hope you enjoy!


Click HERE to visit my Pinterest Page for more examples.

Have a wonderful Monday,


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  1. So as I was browsing Etsy, two pieces caught my eye for inspiration and I thought you’d like them too.

    One is a 1940s silk velvet and beaded dressing gown/hostess gown.
    (it’s very similar in shape to the one that I wear, so I can vouch for it’s comfy ness, but this luxury? Oooh I want!)

    The other is silk lounging pajamas.
    It has a quilted collar and pocket! Also, hilariously, it has a zipper. Apparently everything that I think is cozy, is also zipped!

    Some mid-week eye candy for you. 🙂



    • Absolutely stunning!! That velvet gown is breathtaking! I would totally wear that out!
      It does have a zipper! I really like the belt too.
      Thank you so much for sharing these!
      Have a simply fabulous day!
      Aimee 🙂


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