“Come for Dessert and Coffee”


I absolutely adore cookbooks!  To me, they are as fun to read as any book, and are a wonderful way to pass a rainy afternoon.  I especially love older cookbooks as they give you a glimpse into past.  From food choices that may have faded in popularity over the years, to types of gatherings that seem to happen very rarely.  One of these gatherings is the Dessert and Coffee party.  Designed for a late evening or even midnight get together, this party highlights a great cup of coffee and a few fabulous desserts.  While I would make sure to sip on a cup decaf of coffee, the whole idea just sounds wonderful!


coffee 1

coffee 2

coffee 3

Interested in hosting your own little Dessert and Coffee party?  Why not use a vintage inspired coffee service set like this one:


Coffee Service Set from English Tea Store


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Sources: The Hostess Cook Book, 1950’s

4 thoughts on ““Come for Dessert and Coffee”

  1. Mary Sorensen

    I have several vintage cookbooks and have always loved the ideas they have about getting together with others – “Come back after the sleighride” or “Before we go to the Rink” or “Come over after the ballgame” or “Why don’t you stop by after church” or “Let’s have the carolers in” – it seems like people back then just made life so fun and sociable. Now it seems like we’re all tired and in bed by 9:00 p.m.!! Thanks again for your post. I am going to try the dessert and coffee gathering soon. : ) Mary S.

  2. Terry

    I grew up in the 50’s and 60’s as the daughter of an Army officer. Life on the Army posts included endless formal social events – part of the Army life. The picture you posted for the coffee/desert event was exactly the way things were – the beautiful clothes, the food. I can almost smell the perfume and after-shave! I have many picture of my parents at parties that look just like the one above! Thanks for posting.

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