From My Sewing Table: May


There are three things that I looked forward to the most during the warmer months.

  1. Sitting on the front porch
  2. Warm mornings for long walks
  3. Bright colors to wear

It isn’t a very extravagant list at all. But to me, it is the essence of what spring and summer are all about.  Every morning I check the weather to see if maybe it is warm enough to sit outside (without needing a wool blanket of course) and while it is still hovering in the 40’s at 8 am, I can tell we are getting so close.

As far as wearing bright colors, my absolute favorite color right now is cantaloupe!  I have never had the color before in my wardrobe until just a few weeks ago, and I adore it.  It is truly a mood lifter.  Here is one of the new pieces I purchased in this lovely color:


Blouse from Francescas

And of course, I am not alone in my love for this sherbet color.  This stunning picture  of Jackie Kennedy is another example of the appeal this tone can offer!


Reflecting back on the whirlwind that was April, I am looking forward to May with the hopes of a little less craziness.  I have so many projects I just can’t wait to get started on…. along with the goal of trying to create a better 1920’s One Hour Dress! 🙂  Fingers crossed!

My husband and I are also busy on making some improvements to our little house over the next month or so.  While it has eaten up a lot of my free time, I am so excited about it as many parts of our yard and home need some serious help!

May promises to be a more relaxing month than April, which is a much needed relief.  I hope it proves the same for you!

Happy almost summer!


May BOrd

Upcoming Posts to Look for this Month:

  • Unique Perfume Bottles
  • Organizing Your Patterns
  • What to wear in the Morning….Historical Style
  • Vintage Pattern Book Release!!!  More details to follow!
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