Powdered Perfection


In today’s post we are going to talk about all things face powder!  I have come to appreciate face powder more and more, however I don’t necessarily believe there is only one way to apply it.  I know some women that put it on after they complete their whole face, and others who put it on right after foundation.  I personally fall into the latter category.  Whichever way you apply it, the benefit it can offer to your makeup’s staying power is undeniable.

With face powered going on a century of popularity, I thought I would share a few fun advertisements for this makeup staple.






I also love this 1940’s makeup tutorial which instructs powder application as the very last step!


My current favorite face powder is this one by Revlon. I love that it is a translucent powered with a slight shimmer in it…and it is very affordable!

Revlon Photo Ready Powder


However, once I finish my current compact of Revlon, I plan on trying this powder from Besame cosmetics!  I love everything about it, and they offer refills of the powder so you don’t have to keep purchasing the compact over and over again!

Besame Light Cashmere Powder Compact


So whether you use a brush or puff, apply that powder and go face the day with much deserved confidence!


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Deconstructing a Dress

dress cover

How many times have you spent looking for that perfect item to create?  And after much time searching, you finally find it and can’t wait to get started!  You sit down with your sewing machine, fabric, and cup of coffee and then you realize….you don’t have a pattern.  Perhaps you have something similar that you could adapt, but you just aren’t sure what the pieces should look like.

Don’t worry!  

It isn’t hard to figure out what pieces you will need to complete that most perfect ensemble!  Simply take some time to really analyze all areas of the dress and you will be surprised at how quickly all the pieces will jump out at you!

Not sure what I mean?  Just follow along to learn how I deconstruct a vintage dress!!

To start with, you need to find the dress or garment you would like to create.  I have chosen this 1930’s dress:

deconstructing a dress

Once your choice is made, it is time to take a long hard look at all areas of the dress from top to bottom.

Below is the same picture, but with notes on the major areas of construction, along with shapes and details:

dress deconstruction

Taking all of these notes, I then would mock up a pattern of all the pieces I would need to create the dress.  Just like this…

dress pattern

From here, you can then begin adding your own measurements to the patterns, and begin the fun process of completing your chosen garment!

Later on this month, I will show you how to take drawn-out patterns like this, and create full-size custom pieces based on your measurements!!


So don’t just let that most admired outfit remain on the page…let it come to life on you!!!


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Seaside Dresses of the 1870’s


“Seaside dresses are generally admitted to allow of more freedom of coloring than those worn within the close limits of a city, or in the country.


For the drive or promenade at the sea shore, dresses should be chosen of material and color that will not be injured by the sea air of the spray, and many of the loveliest tints are thus made useless.  Hats are of such infinite variety in material and shape, that is a hopeless task to attempt to offer any comment upon them.  They should, however, always be broad-brimmed, and are more useful if made of a fine muslin drawn over a frame, as they can then be washed, and are freshened whenever so led or spotted.  Straw soon becomes limp in sea air, and lace loses its beauty very rapidly.


Evening dresses are the same as are worn upon occasions of the same nature elsewhere.

Bathing dresses should be made of fine flannel, and trimmed with a worsted braid of fast colors. The best color is a soft gray, which does not fade as soon as higher colors, and has always as elegant an appearance as this most unbecoming dress can have.  


The best style is a loose waist, belted in, with a skirt falling about halfway between the knee and the ankle, and made quite full. Turkish trousers, with a band at the ankle, and a ruffle below it; an oilskin cap covering the hair entirely, as salt water is injurious to it, and socks of soft merino the same color as the dress.  Any attempt at display in a bathing dress is absurd to the extreme, and although they are sometimes made of becoming material and fashion, they are unsightly enough after two or three encounters with the waves.


There is a fine species of grass cloth that has been used for bathing dresses, that will look well for a few weeks, but rarely longer. While white, this is pretty trimmed with gay-colored worst braid.  Flannel, however, is preferable, as it looks well, wears well, and is the most comfortable and healthy material for the purpose.


It is at the watering places and the seaside that the extravagancies of fashion assume their most monstrous forms and fancies…It is, therefore, useless in the limits of our little volume to attempt to give any rules of seaside dresses.  General ones are given in other portions of the book, and the only guide further is the fashion magazine of the day.”



The Art of Dressing Well: A Complete Guide to the Economy, Style and Propriety of Costume by Annie S. Frost, 1870


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Pearls, pearls, pearls….


Classy, elegant, and if purchasing fresh water, quite affordable.  Pearls have long been used as jewelry for the upper classes, but gradually became a part of the average woman’s wardrobe thanks to the ever glamorous Coco Chanel.  While I am personally a single strand wearer, there are so many different types with multiple layers in multiple lengths, that the easiest thing is to purchase one of each kind! 🙂

In preparation for this post, I have scoured and found several photographs that range from the 1860’s to the 1950’s featuring a wide variety of pearl necklaces.

pearl one

pearl two

What I love about pearls, in comparison with other fine pieces of jewelry, is that they can be worn just as easily with casual outfits as with elegant ones.

Here are a few of my favorite modern pieces of pearl jewelry in a variety of affordable prices.

Modern Pearl Necklace from Amanda Deer – Starts at $36


Back Drop Pearl Necklace from Jam Jewels 1  – Starts at $68


Multi-Strand Pearl Necklace from Lola and Madison – $95


So drape on a few strands of pearls and enjoy the day!


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From My Sewing Table: April

april cover
I hope everyone that is reading this is having a really good day. And if you are not, just know that in every new minute that passes you have an opportunity to change that.
~Gillian Anderson

Leading a happy and joyful life is choice that takes a lot of hard work.  I can’t believe how tough it can be at times to maintain that positive mentality.  I suppose that is one reason why blogging is so important to me.  It is an active step I take each day to write and share something that is positive and uplifting.  But I have noticed that choosing to be happy is easier once you make it a conscious habit.  Working and focusing on seeing the positive is a skill and can take time.  That is not to say that you ignore reality and avoid conflict, instead it means that you don’t let those negative parts of life control you.  Easier said than done?  Maybe.  We all succumb to the negative side, it is human nature.   But it is also human nature to crave the happy and cling to it for hope. So,  I choose to be happy, and I hope you will join me!

Well, its my birthday month, and on top of that it is spring!  The two together keep me focused through the rainy and often dreary weather that can often happen during April.  I am also happy to announce that the bulbs I planted last November, as discussed in this post, have started to bloom and are just lovely!

I am also on the last finishing touches of my book!  Cue fanfare and a collective sigh of relief!!!  I am so excited and can’t wait to share it with all of you.  Timeline for release date (barring any unseen circumstances) will be next month!  To be updated on announcements, previews, and special offers, make sure you have signed up for my newsletter by clicking HERE.  

Since I will soon have more free time on my hands once my book is done, I have started to create a new sewing project list.  And I think that one or two of these blouses just may have to make the list!  What do you think? 🙂


So make the choice, each and every day, to find happiness in whatever form you can!

All the best, 


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april inspiration

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