Recreate this Look: 1958 Suite Ensemble

pink suit
Are you bold enough to wear a bright raspberry?  If you are, then this outfit is for you!!

The Orginal


This stunning pictures features a 1958 Pink Channel Suit with coordinating blouse and accessories.  Once I clapped eyes on it, I knew that it would be the perfect outfit to try and recreate with modern clothing!  While finding an identical suit like the one in the picture, proved rather tricky, I believe I found some very compatible items.

My Version


Like the breakdown of all the items used?  Click HERE.

This red, raspberry pink appears to be an extremely popular color during the 1950’s.  Here are a few more examples to get your fashion juices running!




Have a wonderful day!


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Shall We Move to the Country?


” ‘ The best place to live is in the country.’  ‘ Let’s move to the country where we can have plenty of good food, lots of elbow room, and plenty of fresh air and sunshine.’  ‘A home on a little land will give us a chance to be independent.’  Thus, many person who live in towns or cities dream or talk enthusiastically of owning a place in the country where they may live and raise food and other products for home use and sale.


This desire to leave the crowded city is so strongly felt by many persons that it has been aptly termed ‘the call of the land.’ In recent years, the number of people who have heeded this call has steadily increased. Many of these people are establishing homes on small plots of land which vary in size from a few acres down to an acre or less.  This trend toward living on a little land is especially noticeable in the “fringe” or suburban areas on the outskirts of most large cities and for many miles along the improved highways radiating from many towns and cities of various sizes.  In general, these families with homes on a little land secure their main income from employment aways from the places on which they live.  This, for the most port this movement into small-scale farming constitutes a part-time, or “spare-time” venture.


Several factors are responsible for people establishing homes on a little land and engaging in small-scale farming on a part-time basis.  As one factor, employment in many occupations leaves considerable amount of outside of working hours.  Furthermore, the use of automobiles and the development of improved highways have made it easy to live in rural areas at a considerable distance from the place of work.  Modern conveniences now available to country homes make rural living more attractive than was the case some years ago.


People on small-scale farms give various reasons for living there rather than in towns or cities.  Some of these reasons are as follows:

  1. To lower the cost of feeding the family.  As one means of lowering the cost of living, most people engage in small-scale farming to raise part of the food for the family table.  They find that food they raise for themselves cost very little money ‘out of pocket,’ and usually there is plenty of family labor to do the work in raising it.
  2. To reduce the cost of housing.  Some people move to the country in order to provide housing at lower cost than in the city.  People who formerly rented a house or an apartment in the city are often able to own their home in the country.  If a country place is purchase with a house already built, the cost of such property is usually less than a comparable house in the city.
  3. To satisfy a liking for the country.  Many people move to a place on the land to satisfy a liking for country life.  They are “fed up” on the noise, sort, and crowded conditions in the city and they long for the open spaces, fresh air, and sunshine of the country.  Some of these persons are interested in hobbies, such as raising plants and animals, for which the city provides little or no opportunity.  Many jobs in cities consist of work indoors; some persons so employed desire relaxation and variety by getting physical exercise out-of-doors.   Most people now living on small-scale farms are probably there because they prefer this type of life.  Some of these persons spent the days of their youth on farms and thus developed a liking for the country which as prompted them to ‘return to the soil.'”


Looking to find examples of people today “living on a little bit of land?”  Check out these blogs:
There are so many wonderful films that focus on farm life and country living.   A few of my favorites are:
The Egg and I (1947)



Summer Stock (1950)
Poster - Summer Stock_01So whether you live in the city, or on a little bit of land, let the slowness and peacefulness that farm living can offer, always be around you!



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Living on a Little Land by George Percy Deyoe and Herbert M. Hamlin, 1948


In the Craft Room: Book Storage

book storage

I have hopped on the Ikea bandwagon.  There, I said it and I feel much better about myself.  If you aren’t on this wagon, I suggest you jump on with both hands…or both feet….however that saying goes! 🙂

Now I am not some Ikea spokesperson, but I own exactly one item from Ikea and that has left me wanting more!  What is this one item?  I am fairly certain it is the most well-known item in the sewing /crafting world based on the number of pins, shares, and features it has had over the past several years.  What is this item?  It is the Raskog Utility cart in turquoise.  Of course it comes in other colors, but this was the color I choose.

When I received the item, I really scratched my head on the best way to use it.  Should it hold my  tools, fabric, patterns….I really wasn’t sure.  I played around with many different options, until it finally became the place I keep my most favorite and special books.  And I have to say, I adore it!





With its little wheels, I can move it anywhere I need to and with its sturdy metal construction, I can stack as much stuff in it as needed.

Want to purchase your own for $30.00?  Click the picture below!!


Do you have an Ikea cart?  How do you use it?  I would love to hear from you as I am debating getting another one! 🙂

Have a wonderful day everyone!!


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The Charm of Dress: Accessories


“Of course, you know the woman who dresses like every other women?  You remember her in sort of a collective sense, and it is not a a very pleasing sense either.  She is a duplicate that makes no distinct impression on your mind.  She lacks personality.  She simply goes along.

Perhaps it is her manner which is devoid of character.  Perhaps it is her dress which is without individual charm.  But whatever the reason of the defect, there must be a remedy for it.

Since there are dress talks, let us consider the responsibility of dress in achieving distinctiveness, always remembering that when dress reaches its perfection a perfect manner attends it.


If all women dressed alike, no matter how rich the fabric or how chic and clever the cut, their dress would be accepted without being noticed.  A uniform has its greatest distinction either when it has never been seen except on one person alone, and thus the sense of uniformity is entirely eliminated, or when it is worn by a number of persons acting together, because then it gives the impression of an individual charm.

Charm in dress is hard to define, yet all are swift to recognize it.  There is always an unexpected quality in it. It piques and holds the attention throughout a variation which is an improvement of the usual.


And this unexpected quality is most often the expression of individual taste, introduced into the costume by different smart little accessories.  These give the touch of life to dress which saves it from monotony.

Of course, the wearing has much to do with it.  To each woman who wishes always to look her best, the accessory is often a saving grace.

Style and fashion are the features of the dress, but accessories are its expression.  The dress which lacks accessories – touches of individual taste – is like the dress on a form in the shop.  It is dumb.  The dress which is vibrant with impressions is the dress which reveals the life of the wearer.  It is distinctive, because its accessories make it so. They sound the personal note.


An accessory may be a very humble detail of dress and yet give tone to the whole costume.  In selecting accessories for different costumes, it is important that the right accessory be used with the right costume.  In an attractive face, you know, the features and the expression match.  Together they make what charms.

The young woman, or the older woman for that matter, who has tried and found becoming some special accessory, should wear it so often that it is associated with her.  She should make it her own.

Wealth may buy these things, or thrift may make them; but it is taste that must put them on.  Taste, then, is the one thing needful.  Without it, a woman is clad; with it, a woman is dressed.




The Magic of Dress: by Grace Margaret Gould.  1911

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From My Sewing Table: March

March sewing table 1

I am a serial re-arranger.  I do it all the time, to all different parts of the house, at any given time of the day.  I move things about a bit, and then think to myself “it’s perfect.”  “Don’t touch a thing.”  But as sure as I will add more fabric to a pile already too big, I will be shifting things about again. My most recent adjustment happened in the kitchen on a little buffet at the end of the room.  It had become sort of a catchall for whatever items didn’t fit anywhere else, until now.  I tracked down the cutest polka dot pitchers that went just wonderfully with the colors of my kitchen, and for now, I think it’s perfect and I won’t touch a thing! 😉

The other day, I felt a bit of strong sunshine on my face and I got a little excited!  Not that I am trying to rush away the winter, but the sooner the warmth comes, the sooner I can enjoy my most favorite spot of the house: the front porch!  Oh I know that we are still weeks away from that luxury, but I know it’s coming and that is all that matters!  In the meantime, I will just have to pacify myself with finding something new to wear for Easter this year.  Hee hee!

As far as actual sewing has gone, it has been a bit tricky.  If you follow my blog, you may recall that I had sent my machine in for a tune-up while I was down in Florida basking in the sun.  Well, it took a bit too long, and with a lot of “patience” and some minor use of a few voodoo dolls, I have it back.  So all is right with the world again, and I have a lovely tutorial planned for the end of the month to share with all of you! 🙂  However, during the dark days of no machine, I did realize the importance that the sewing has for me, which made this image all the more true:


I am also happy to announce the winner of the Les Belles Bouclettes Easter-themed giveaway!

Congratulations to Crafty One!!  This lovely gift basket is headed your way so look out for an email from the wonderful Grey Dove of From Goats to Soaps!!

view from top

I hope you have a fabulous March, full of many wonderful signs of spring!

All the best, 


A few posts to watch for this month:

  • “Shall We Move to the Country?” A vintage take on farm life.
  • One Dress – Three Ways
  • Meet Christina, owner of the vintage online clothing store Pretty Blu Eyes Vintage, and learn more about the wonderful world of selling vintage!

march inspiration

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