One Dress – Three Ways

three ways

About three weeks ago I was reading an article in which a fashion guru of the 1930’s explained the beauty of purchasing one dress for many functions.  Through the careful selection of accessories, that simple dress can be made up or down to wear at a variety of functions.  The guru explained the process using a simple black dress, and listed out color tones and accessories that I would never have thought to include or use on an outfit.  It was quite refreshing to view a single dress as such a multifaceted item.

I decided to take the challenge myself and took a simple dress (one I have been eyeing online for quite a while) and made it up three different ways.  I decided to give myself three specific locations/ events that would guide my creativity.

  1. Casual/Outdoor – something perfect for meeting friends for lunch or shopping.
  2. Work – on those days when your boss comes in for a meeting, or you are being observed for some report.
  3. An Evening Out – Not necessarily hitting the clubs attire, but something that would be appropriate to wearing to a family dinner, the theater, or a small wedding.
So to start with, let’s take a look at the dress I choose.


Click here for dress info.

A simple long sleeved navy dress.  Perfect for featuring a lot of accessories.

I decided to start with outfit number one: casual.  I wanted to keep it very simple and went with a colorful scarf and a cute pair of sandals.


Click here for outfit details.

Outfit number two is a fun one featuring bold yellow accents…a nice contrast for the navy.


Click here for outfit details.

The last outfit choice for an evening out, is a little out of my comfort zone, however I really love how the whole look turned out!


Click here for outfit details.

Overall, I had a very fun time creating and putting together these outfits.  I loved the fact that investing in one good piece allows for a plethora of other designs that really makes it a sound financial investment. The only negative?  You have to have a lot of accessories to really complete any of these looks.  Hmmmmm……maybe I should do a post on one accessory – three ways?  🙂

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter!  Enjoy the upcoming week my friends!


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