Fun with Vintage Sewing Patterns

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When I was in high school….ehhh…maybe more like in Jr. High, I loved receiving clothing catalogues in the mail.  When I received the catalogues, I would pour over them with an intensity I should have given to my math homework, but of course, one must have one’s priorities in the correct order.  Never being able to afford everything I wanted (which, believe me was a lot), I was quite content with choosing what I would purchase if I had an unlimited amount of funds.  It was a harmless activity that helped me identify my style and the creativity to design outfits out of what I already owned.

As I have become older, and the money pot hasn’t really expanded as much as one would always like, I find myself still searching out the ideal outfits and turning once more to my closet or my sewing machine for an satisfactory alternative.  It was through this train of thought that I began trying this with vintage sewing patterns.  If I was planning a wardrobe during the 1930’s, 40’s, or 50’s, what would I pick to create for myself?  Surprisingly enough, what stuck out to me was a random collection of pieces that I am sure wouldn’t be the most practical….but then again, when did day dreaming ever have to be practical?

The first pattern I chose was this 1940’s day dress with a very flattering front panel.  Much like today’s hourglass color blocking, this dress highlights the best features, tapering in at the waist.  I think I would have made this out of a navy color…


Next on my dream list is another day dress but from the 1950’s.  Very reminiscent of the bustle era, this dress would be perfect for a dinner out….maybe in a plum color?


Feeling the need to have an evening gown, I choose this 1930’s pattern with the cropped top.  I adore the length and the ruffled edge, and would love to find the same fabric as the blue floral!


Completely unpractical and I’m sure would only be worn for one year (like so many things we purchase today) is this 1940’s pattern for palazzo pants.  But, I would want them anyway….the wide leg ones, not the cuffed ones.


And last but not least, I would choose these pajamas.  Nightgowns are very tricky to sleep in, so I would whip this up in heart beat.  Something in a polka-dot….


So there you have it.  My dream wardrobe.  Inpractical and wonderful all at the same time!
What would you choose in your dream vintage wardrobe?  I would love to hear from you!


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