On My Inspiration Board: Polka Dots

polka dots cover

Polka dots.  The fashion world’s happiest fabric.  Who would have thought that by placing circles on a piece of cloth, one would instantly be able to brighten up a mood or even a room!   Just like many types of fabric patterns, polka dots had limited appeal in the early 19th century, gradually becoming more common as each decade past.  The wonderful thing about polk dots is it’s ability to transform from casual wear to evening wear, by letting the size of the dot, the lay of the fabric, and the design of the gown dictate it’s level of formality.

Even artists have seen the marvelous appeal of the polka dot.  In my opinion, the most famous painting of a polka dot dress is Albert Bartholomé’s Dans la Serre (1881), a stunning piece of work featuring the artist’s wife.


The dress itself, has been saved and put on display, not only for it’s artistic value but it’s fashion design as well.


Over the past 100 years, the appeal of the polka dot has not diminished and graces the clothing of both child and adult.  My favorite modern polka dot piece right now is this sleeveless tunic from ModCloth.  Perfect for spring!


In finding pictures for this month’s inspiration board, I was delighted to discover so many wonderful versions!!  As always, pop over to my Pinterest Page, to see more gowns bearing the adorable polka dot!

polka dot

So no matter your age, or size, there is a dotted piece of clothing out there waiting for you!


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