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I am a serial re-arranger.  I do it all the time, to all different parts of the house, at any given time of the day.  I move things about a bit, and then think to myself “it’s perfect.”  “Don’t touch a thing.”  But as sure as I will add more fabric to a pile already too big, I will be shifting things about again. My most recent adjustment happened in the kitchen on a little buffet at the end of the room.  It had become sort of a catchall for whatever items didn’t fit anywhere else, until now.  I tracked down the cutest polka dot pitchers that went just wonderfully with the colors of my kitchen, and for now, I think it’s perfect and I won’t touch a thing! 😉

The other day, I felt a bit of strong sunshine on my face and I got a little excited!  Not that I am trying to rush away the winter, but the sooner the warmth comes, the sooner I can enjoy my most favorite spot of the house: the front porch!  Oh I know that we are still weeks away from that luxury, but I know it’s coming and that is all that matters!  In the meantime, I will just have to pacify myself with finding something new to wear for Easter this year.  Hee hee!

As far as actual sewing has gone, it has been a bit tricky.  If you follow my blog, you may recall that I had sent my machine in for a tune-up while I was down in Florida basking in the sun.  Well, it took a bit too long, and with a lot of “patience” and some minor use of a few voodoo dolls, I have it back.  So all is right with the world again, and I have a lovely tutorial planned for the end of the month to share with all of you! 🙂  However, during the dark days of no machine, I did realize the importance that the sewing has for me, which made this image all the more true:


I am also happy to announce the winner of the Les Belles Bouclettes Easter-themed giveaway!

Congratulations to Crafty One!!  This lovely gift basket is headed your way so look out for an email from the wonderful Grey Dove of From Goats to Soaps!!

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I hope you have a fabulous March, full of many wonderful signs of spring!

All the best, 


A few posts to watch for this month:

  • “Shall We Move to the Country?” A vintage take on farm life.
  • One Dress – Three Ways
  • Meet Christina, owner of the vintage online clothing store Pretty Blu Eyes Vintage, and learn more about the wonderful world of selling vintage!

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  1. Isabelle and I want to thank You so very much for having hosted this fantastic giveaway! It has been a pleasure Aimee and much appreciated!

    Thank you to everyone who entered, so sorry there is only one winner. And Congratulations to Crafty One!

    Wishing everyone a wonderful spring and happy equinox,
    Grey Dove

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