Five Ways to Pamper Yourself…for under $10


It doesn’t take much to start feeling the weight of the world on your shoulders.  And it doesn’t take much to find small ways to bring a little sunshine back.  Even better if these little ways don’t break the bank.  Below, I have shared my personal five favorite ways to make life a little more luxurious and a little less mundane.

Five Ways to Pamper Yourself…According to Aimée

  1. Buy Fresh Flowers Every Week  – Whether you choose to purchase from a florist or a local grocery store, a little bouquet of fresh flowers goes a long way in adding a bit of cheer through the week.  I purchase a small bunch every Friday, choosing whatever is in season to get the best price.ef452c3ef88b92fe4e9e7ce3044c7ca5
  2. Pick Out a New Nail Polish – While I can not afford to get a manicure often, I can spare an extra half an hour to give one to myself.  With a fresh coat of nail polish, my glamorous level goes way up!  🙂  I purchased this color just last week and I love it!SHCN1367_CSM_AMERS_240PNGPNG
  3. Take Yourself Out to Breakfast – I will often leave a little early for work so I can take myself out for a nice little breakfast at Panera.  My usual?  A hot cup of hazelnut coffee and a strawberry and cream scone….yummy!!strawberries-n-cream-scones
  4. Buy a New Journal – I go through journals very, very quickly and love buying new ones.  I find Home Goods to be the best place to find unique and affordable journals.il_570xN.494341551_a3nn
  5. Purchase a New Pair of Earrings – I wear earrings every single day and therefore love a variety.  My favorite choice for affordable and delicate earrings comes from the Lauren Conrad collection at Kohls.2359969

Living a full and abundant life does not take a lot of money.  What it does take is the ability to enjoy and cherish the little things in life that can add a wee bit of sparkle!


The Perfect Red Lip

red lip

Every once in a while…and I mean every once in a while, I will rock a red lipstick.  If you read Friday’s post, you will remember that red is not one of the colors that I go to very often in sewing, and it seems that trend has filtered over into other areas of my fashion life.  I do love red and I love that feeling of complete sophistication when I swipe on that creamy stick of rouge…perhaps I should wear it more often!

 Do you wear red lipstick often?  Do you wonder if you should?  Complete the questionnaire below to find out:


Well, I guess that clears everything up! 🙂

To help with your hunt for that perfect red lip color, I have collected five lipsticks (including a lipstick brush) ranging in price and brand to help lead the way!


Maybelline Color Sensation Creamy Mattes Siren in Scarlett – $8

Siren In Scarlet-CS Mattes-Pack


The Balm Girls Lipstick in Mia Moore – $17


Too Faced Melted Long Wear Lipstick in Velvet – $21


Besame 1946 Red Velvet Lipstick – $22


Lancome L’Absolu Rouge Definition in Vermillion – $31

3614270669521_184 Le Vermillon_LABSOLUROUGEDEFINITION_2400x2400

The Vintage Cosmetic Company Lip Brush – $8


You now have that perfect lip color and a wonderful brush to put it on, that it is time to learn how to apply it properly.  For the best advice, one must go straight to the professionals.  Lisa Eldridge is one of my favorite makeup artists, and always creates stunning looks.  Her tutorial on red lipstick is a gem!


Click Here for the Tutorial

Have a wonderful day!


On My Inspiration Board: Scarlet Red Gowns

red gown cover

In planning out February’s post, I was debating over what color to feature for the month’s Inspiration Board.  I debated between various hues of colors, one of them being red.  But I thought to myself, “isn’t red a little too cliche for February?”  “Doesn’t every one do something with red?”  Well, of course they do.  But then I realized that I don’t.  In fact, I don’t believe I have ever sewed anything that was red.  A shocking discovery that I hope to remedy in the future, and has confirmed in the mind the absolute necessity of featuring red for this month!

I was delighted to find so many wonderful examples of gowns in that bright hue of  scarlet that it was difficult to choose ones to feature here.  I was also excited to find so many beautiful portraits of women wearing this bold color.  Here is one from the Regency Era…


1815 Adèle Romany – Portrait of Aglaé-Constance.

…and another from the 1840’s…


Louise d’Orléans, Queen of Belgium (1812-1850), painted by Franz Xaver Winterhalter in ca. 1841

Red was also a top choice for Hollywood directors to place on their sirens.  This glittering example was worn by Joan Crawford in 1937’s The Bride Wore Red.



So with these wonderful examples and without much further ado, I present this month’s unique (for me) board of Scarlet Red Gowns….

Red gowns

To see many, many more, please visit my Pinterest Page!

Happy Friday!


Cover Photo: Christoffer Wilhelm Eckersberg: Porträt von Louise Christiane Fugl, 1825

Organizing My Sewing Notions


When I sew, I need to have everything around me neat, orderly, and organized.  I never was like this when I was younger, but the older I get, the more I can’t shutout a nearby mess.  Now, I have realized that neat to some is messy to others and vice versa.  Each person must recognize the state their environment must be in to create properly…and make sure it stays that way!  It all made sense to me when I read this excerpt from a 1949 Singer Sewing Machine Manual:

“Prepare yourself mentally for sewing. Think about what you are going to do.  Never approach sewing with a sigh or lackadaisically.  Good results are difficult when indifference dominates.  Never start to sew with a sink full of dirty dishes or beds unmade.”

With each person open to their own interpretation of what “prepare yourself mentally” means in regards to sewing,  it is amazing what a freeing feeling it gives to the whole creative process.  I have observed enough of myself to have come up with three main rules I must obey before I can begin sewing:

  1. Completely put away all tools/fabric/patterns from step to step.  After I draft a pattern, everything gets put back before I begin cutting out the pattern and so on.
  2. Following the completion of each project, vacuum and dust.  This mentally frees me up to say goodbye to one project and hello to a new one.
  3. A place for everything and everything in its place.  This mostly applies to all my sewing notions, trims, buttons, threads, etc.

Number three, in particular, took me quite a while to finagle and organize into my sewing pleasure.  So I thought I would share a few pictures highlighting how and in what, I organize my notions.

A few years back, I purchase a rolling cart with many shallow drawers from Joann Fabrics.  I placed the cart right next to my sewing table so everything I need is in easy reach.  The shelves have proven to be perfect for thread, snaps, needles, zippers, etc….

I have two drawers that hold my threads which I color code. I then make sure that the bobbins stay with the thread it matches.




I also picked up this little organizer from Michaels last November.  It is perfect for holding all my buttons which I organize by color, stapling multiples together.



Scissors, and rulers are kept near my cutting table along with all my markers, pens, and pencils…and a lighter for my candles! 🙂


Find the best way to organize your sewing surroundings and watch the creativity flow!


From My Sewing Table: February

feb table

The desire that usually hits around this time of the year, has hit.  It took longer than expected and I thought, at first, that it wasn’t going to happen at all.  But it has.  What desire am I talking about?  Decorating.  Without fail, around the middle to end of January, I begin to feel the scaffolding need to decorate and tidy up.  It starts out innocent enough.  A reorganization here, a rearrange over there, and before you know it, I’m thinking about getting a new…well, something.  It’s the time of the year that I cherish the most, as I love giving a little fresh coat of love to my house.



I am in love with baskets like this one from Pier 1 to hold books, magazines, or even extra throws.

And of course, with the month of February, love is everywhere….as it should be!  Telling, or better yet, showing someone you care (whoever that person is in your life) should be a regular occurrence this month…and every month after. 🙂

The end of January and most of February consists of quite a few plans both in the sewing and personal world.  I have been very busy mocking, drafting, and designing in my sewing studio, occasionally coming up for air.  It has been glorious!  Yet, it is that time to have my sewing machine cleaned…which will take about two weeks.  Cue frightened scream!!  It will be a very difficult period of withdrawal! 🙂  However, I will be visiting my family in Florida for a bit of that time which will definitely help!


Woo hoo for sunshine!!

This month, I am very excited to be partnering again with Isabelle and Grey Dove from From Goats to Soaps for a very special giveaway that will start on the 22nd of February!  Isabelle and Grey Dove are the wonderful women behind Les Belles Bouclettes, an online shop which features many delicious bath products and high quality yarn straight from their own goats!  Isabelle and Grey Dove have created a stunning giveaway consisting of over ten items of bath goodies ranging from goats milk soap to tulip shaped bath fizzies like this one:

bath fizzies alone + bag

With Easter next month, this giveaway is perfect to keep you, or a loved one, smelling and feeling amazing! Check back on the 22nd for a full list and pictures of this Easter themed giveaway!

Giveaway will start February 22nd and will end on the 29th!  

So during this month, I hope you take some time to add a little something new to your home!  It is totally worth it!


A few upcoming posts to look for this month:

  • How I Organize My Sewing Notions
  • A Salute to the Purse: A Woman’s Best Friend
  • Creating the Perfect Red Lip

feb board