What a Difference a Collar Can Make!

collar cover

Have an old dress that could use an update?  Your latest sewing experiment didn’t turn out so well?  Can’t find just the right necklace to complete an outfit?  

Have you tried a collar?  

Take a look at these examples of 1930’s gowns that feature collars in various forms.





The beauty of a collar, whether ruffly or simple, is it’s ability to dress-up an outfit with very little effort.  

Want to create a collar that is very similar to the last picture?  

Well, click the picture below to be taken to a tutorial I created a few months ago!

1930's Scarf


Accessories, and especially collars, can truly make an outfit!  



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3 thoughts on “What a Difference a Collar Can Make!

  1. Lovely as always Aimee!

    For a slightly different take on the theme may I suggest that knitters checkout Jackie E-S’ Beaded Crescent Neck Lace!

    You can find the original on her site (Heart Strings Fiber Arts) or countless variations (including several of mine) on ravelry.com.

    I totally agree, a little something at the neck really can make all the difference!

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