My Favorite Things…and a Giveaway!

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Today is a very exciting day for two reasons!

One, I get to share with you my favorite things of the month, and two, announce the start of the giveaway from Les Belles Bouclettes!  Yay!!

 So let’s get started!

My Top Five Favorites

  1. I am completely in love with the book The Lost Art of Dress by Linda Przybyszewski.  It is a fascinating look into the reign of the Dress Doctors and their influence and evolution on women’s fashion during the 20th century.  It is wonderful read and has inspired me to view my wardrobe on more of a personal level.  To purchase the book CLICK HERE.41K5Q2hwTZL._SX324_BO1,204,203,200_
  2. Clean white pitchers.  I can’t get enough of them.  They are perfect for holding flowers, silverware, kitchen utensils, or makeup brushes!  Pick up this one from Bed Bath and Beyond for under $10!10374016353280p
  3. I adore this fleece from Joann Fabrics.  I’m thinking about making a throw out of it to lay over my lap while I sew.  To purchase it or to see other patterns CLICK HERE.CP49924_wf
  4. A bit unusual, but my husband and I have been addicted to this Crab Mac and Cheese recipe.  Not something that we have very often, but has become a top choice in comfort food when we feel like splurging calories wise.  Not exactly a sewing or fashion item, but it is one of my favorite things this month!  Find recipe HERE.EM1002_Chesapeake-Bay-Crabby-Mac.jpg.rend.sni12col.landscape
  5. Any of the products from Les Belles Bouclettes…especially if it has an oatmeal scent!  And what a better way to share the love then with a giveaway generously offered by the two ladies behind the productsFrom Goats To Soaps
So just what is in this Easter-themed giveaway?

Here is the list of all the goodies that amount to over $50 worth of product!!

1 Easter Egg soap scent Chocolate mousse: 130 grams,
1 soap showing the words GoatMilk and a doe and kid, scent Creamy Oatmeal: 130 grams,
1 Felted soap scent Maple Fudge: approximately 110 grams,
1 bag Foaming Bath Salts, scent Chocolate Mousse: 200 grams,
3 bath fizzies, scent Creamy Oatmeal: 95 grams
1 lip balm, stack of two pots, flavour Blueberry Pancakes, 10 grams,
6 shower steamer tablets, scents Creamy Oatmeal and Chocolate Mousse: 30 grams

And here are few photos of the products in this giveaway!felted soap

Felted Soap

goat soap-3

Oatmeal scented soapbath salts with scoop

Bath Salts

Dying to get your hands on these goodies!! Here is what you need to do!  

Click here to visit my Facebook page.  There you will find the giveaway!  Entering is as simple as putting your email into the giveaway and clicking the links provided to follow Isabelle and Grey Dove’s blog From Goats to Soaps.  Extra points (and therefore more chances to win) are available each day by sharing a post, or a product from either their shop Les Belles Bouclettes  or their blog From Goats to Soaps or any post from my blog.   All links are listed in the giveaway.  The giveaway will run from February 22, 2016 (that’s today!) to Monday, February 29, 2016 at midnight.  I will announce the winner on my blog on March 2nd!  Winners will be contacted privately by Isabelle and Grey Dove for shipping information.

Ready to enter? Head on over!!

Have a wonderful Monday!


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    Aimee from Inside Aimee’s Victorian Armoire is hosting this contest, and the prize is a spring themed (with Easter touches) box of our products! If you have a Facebook account then zip on over and enter! We know you are already subscribed to our blog, but don’t let that stop you! Just put in your information and then begin sharing for lots and lots of chances to win! Read Aimee’s lovely post for all the details, and a peak at what you’ll be winning!

    Best of Luck!

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